Safe Chocolate Chips


Well its the time of year to make cookies for Santa and would like to make some dd can have as well. So what brands of chocolate chips do you use? (I think I read posts on this on another thread but my mind is in a fog and I can't seem to find it now!) I'm looking for semi-sweet but would take suggestions for any kind. Thanks in advance!

On Dec 16, 2007

I use Hershey's. I trust their labeling.

I sometimes use Guittard if I can find it. I did the other day at our local Christmas Tree Shop. They had sesisweet, milk and white chips.

If you are near a Price Chopper supermarket they have butterscotch chips (their own store brand) that are safe with good labeling.

On Dec 16, 2007

I am using Enjoy Life chocolate chips in many of the confections in my chocolate shop: they only contain cocoa solids, cocoa butter and evaporated cane juice (made on dedicated equipment free of any soy, peanuts or dairy). You can order them online or many organic/whole food grocers carry them. When I didn't have 500 lbs of those lying around, I used Ghirardelli's chocoalte chips, and never had any problem with them. Hope that helps!

On Dec 19, 2007

I have used both Enjoy Life foods and chips from Gaks snacks. We have MFA at our house and this way we don't have to worry.

On Dec 20, 2007

I called Hershey's recently and they confirmed that my Chipits were peanut/nut free. They also told me that they label all products suspected of cross contamination (shared production line, or whatever) that they will add a "may contain" alert to the packaging.

On Dec 20, 2007

Well I drove 2 hours to a larger city today and could not find Enjoy Life or Guittard anywhere so I guess I'm stuck with Hershey's. I don't know why I'm so apprehensive to use these but I am soooo ready for dd to finally have chocolate chip cookies (my favorite). Keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you everyone for your suggestions!

On Feb 14, 2008

Vermont Nut Free Chocolate company has PN and TN free chips! They have Dark, Milk, White and Butterscotch chips all nut free. They are a little expensive because of shipping but well worth the worry free baking!

My PA son won't eat the butterscotch ones because he thinks they look like peanut butter (he's right) but they are for sure nut free and I like them.

On Feb 15, 2008

Beware of Ghiradelli's. They are a favorite of mine, too. We have used them almost exclusively for years without problems. However, just this week I noticed that the ingredient list on some bags of their Dark Choc Chips declared a possible peanut/treenut contamination.

Our allergist had warned us that identical products may be produced at separate plants with different exposures to allergens. He came across an example where one blue bag of "chips-a-hoy" cookies was labelled with a warning and the second wasn't. Calls and lots numbers determined that the bags were made at separate plants. One plant was peanut/treenut free, the other wasn't and the labels were appropriate.

His advice: Read every label, every time.

On Feb 21, 2008

I get the Hershey's since Nestle are no longer safe. Hershey's Special Dark is really good.

On Feb 26, 2008

as a single mom on a limited budget, i am big walmart shopper. i find that the walmart brand, great value, label very well for contains, may contains and processed on, and felt comfortable giving my son his very first chocolate chip cookie over the weekend (the pictures were to die for naturally!)

On May 12, 2008

Over the christmas holiday, i called ghiradellis consumer product line. the girl i spoke to said that they were getting ready to start making products this year containing peanuts, so they were labeling early on the chips. i called because we had been buying them all along and one day right before i pulled the bag out to use it, i just checked the label quickly and noticed it. it was like week it was safe and the next week it wasn't. so, of course, they are off our list..along with nestle's ....who did the same thing years ago. now i buy guittard, which is completely peanut free. the only thing is you have to order them online and if it is in the summer you have to pay for a gel pack(extra money), so they don't melt. Hershey is also my standard now, along with some store brand choc chips. shop rite and wegmans are definitely safe too, and they taste pretty good. so, like we all the label everytime!

On May 21, 2008

The ghiradelli recently added a peanut product to their line so their products are no longer safe as of like Feb 08. I like the guittard and can find them locally.