Safe Chocolate!!

Posted on: Wed, 10/27/1999 - 12:32am
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I contacted GHIRARDELLI Chocoate Company asking if their baking chocolates were safe.
I was impressed by the response I got. They
sent me lists of ALL possible allergens in their products and the best news is their
San Leandro location DOES NOT PRODUCT ANY
PRODUCTS WITH PEANUTS! If you want to look into this, contact Leslie Cleaver, Consumer
Affairs, 139th Street, San Leandro Ca 94578-2631, phone (510) 483-6970, Fax (510) 297-2649. Their letter will explain how to
determine what came from this plant. They seem to be intune with our plight. She sent me newsletters, magazines and coupons! So
we can now make chocolate chip icecream and cookies! Yeah. Check it out!

Posted on: Fri, 12/17/1999 - 10:07am
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Thank you for the Ghirardelli information! I just recently have been drinking their Hot Cocoa because in the past their products haven't bothered me at all (I have pa)...however, I must say that Nestle products and even plain Hershey's stuff I have to avoid because of mouth sensitivity that I encounter when eating it. [img][/img] Yay! I can now make chocolate chip cookies too! Thanks again!

Posted on: Fri, 06/09/2000 - 8:01am
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The folks at Ghiradelli are wonderful. I only use their semi-sweet baking chips. There is no way I would use brands that also make peanut-flavored chips. They were very clear at Ghiradelli on which chocolate was OK. They said to avoid the white chocolate.

Posted on: Mon, 06/12/2000 - 6:26am
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When I called Ghiradelli Chocolates recently, they told me they do have a plant that is peanut free, BUT NOT nut free...there are macademia and almonds in the plant. The nuts are on a separate line but are in the same room.

Posted on: Mon, 06/12/2000 - 11:46am
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We have safely used Baker's Secret Choc. Chips. Call them first, as we do, before you try a new product.

Posted on: Thu, 06/15/2000 - 12:18pm
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I had a good response from Guittard Chocolate Co. (Burlingame, CA). The person I spoke with said they do not produce anything with peanuts or nuts (check it out, though). Choc. chip cookies for us, too!

Posted on: Fri, 06/30/2000 - 3:35am
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I did get the letter from Ghiardelli. At the store, looking at the selection of chocolate, I saw the stamp on the baking chips and understood it but I didn't see any stamp on the chocolate bars. Does that mean there aren't any bars of chocolate that are safe?

Posted on: Mon, 07/10/2000 - 1:27pm
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Up here in Canada, Nestle produces five chocolates which are made in a nut free facility...Kit Kat...Aero....Coffee Crisp...Smarties...Mirage.
I understand that in the US, this is not the case unfortunately.
If anyone is up this way, you pick them at any convenience store, or by the box at Price Club/Costco. If anyone is really desperate, we can arrange to ship them to you by Fedex.

Posted on: Fri, 10/27/2000 - 1:58pm
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I just went to the store tonight to get these chocolate chips specifically so that I could make some white icing brown (I didn't know whether or not the tubed icing was safe and I'm desperate over here! lol) and was disappointed. =( First off, I'm in TX, so maybe that has something to do with it, but NONE of the chocolate chips were safe!
The Semi-sweet chocolate chips 12oz pkg, the Milk chocolate chips 11.5oz pkg, and the Double chocolate chips 11.5oz pkg ALL have this warning on them:
"May contain trace amounts of nuts, four gluten, and milk protein."
So it's back to the drawing board (literally!) for me. I have to come up with some way to decorate a cake to look like a soccer ball PA safely by tomorrow afternoon. yikes!

Posted on: Mon, 10/30/2000 - 12:29am
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I don't know if it's too late for you or not, but I have two suggestions. First is the Hershey's powder - I've used that before (be sure to check the label). Second, do you have Wilton decorating products in Texas? I contacted Wilton and they told me all of their products are safe. They sell little cups of gel to color icing with.
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Posted on: Sat, 03/10/2001 - 11:47am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Heather I live near Boston too. Have never hear of Wilton products. Where do you purchase them. I have been using Betty Crocker gel, colored sugar, colored stars without a problem. Has anyone else been using these Betty Crocker products? Also does anyone know of a safe brand of "jimmies" or sprinkles for cookies or ice cream?



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