Safe carob?


Anybody know of safe carob chips or other carob products? Thanks.

On Jan 28, 2004

Do a search--there are several older messages discussing carob.

Since carob is in the legume family, I've avoided using it. I have an old stash in the fridge which I intend to use in a nut-free trail mix for my DH to take camping with him next month. (I'd forgotten about it until I saw your message--thanks!) Since I bought it in an open bin at a health store before I knew about PA, I am erroring on the side of caution--DH can eat it away from DS!

Carob is used in many foods as a thickener...and, of course, goes by several names. I do not check lables for carob as I haven't found a need to do so. Hopefully, I won't!

Good luck in your search!

------------------ Donni

[son 5 years--anaphylatic reaction without ingestion to peanut @ 22 months; contact allergic to peanut, sesame seed, & chickpea; possible airborn reaction to peanut if in closed environment; CAP RAST also shows allergy to almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts (avoiding all tree nuts) but no known reaction to tree nuts]

On Jan 28, 2004

Donni, thanks for the reply. Most of the carob chips I've seen are produced by companies that also produce/package nuts. My son's Jewish school was interested in having carob for Tu B'Shvat . . . the phone number of the company that provides the carob chips for the Kosher store in town is actually 1-800-cashews! Not a good sign. Anyway, we decided to just omit them from the holiday treats - the carob in its natural form (called "bochser") is more traditional anyway (and not as tasty without all the sugar). And there are plenty of other safe fruits they'll be using. They will be including nuts . . . but this year in the form of almonds in the shell, and only in closed baggies for display purposes, not eating.