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My son's class is going to be making a candy train using a candy bar such as a Mars bar. The teacher said a Hershey bar won't work for the train and that is the only one that I can think of that is not a "may contain" candy bar. I am drawing blanks trying to think of a safe substitute candy bar for him to handle.I don't have enough time to order something from Canada. Can anyone think of one?

On Dec 16, 2003

Right now in the Jewel stores (any perhaps many other supermarkets, etc.) you can buy for a limited time Kit Kat Orange--made in the UK. It is safe. My kids have been having a little bit every night for their "dessert". A friend of mine was going to send some over for the kids but is going to send Kit Kat Chunkies instead.

I plan on buying a case of Kit Kat Orange and freezing for a later time.

Hope this helps.

BTW, I am in the Chicago area.

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On Dec 16, 2003

Thanks e-mom. If it is shaped like a regular Kit Kat it wouldn't work for the same reason the Hershey bar won't work. I guess the candy bar needs to be long/tall as a shape for the train. Or maybe he could make a Flat Car [img][/img]

I hadn't heard that info about the Kit Kat orange being safe. I will check to see if I can find them here in California. Thanks!

On Dec 16, 2003

There is a thread here about them, a few actually. I'll see if I can find them for you.

On Dec 17, 2003

What about a Charleston Chew? They are probably too long, but it could be cut down.

I know you probably can't find them in a regular grocery store, but I have seen them in several candy stores.

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On Dec 17, 2003

I have some Aero chunkies and some Kit Kat chunky bars. Would you like me to send you some or would that take too long - I am in Ohio.

Jaime [img][/img]

On Dec 17, 2003

Thanks for the offer, Jaime [img][/img] but they are actually making them tomorrow. I talked to ds about what they were doing and am letting him make the choice if he would like to participate or not. He said that he wants to. I told him he could make it as a decoration or maybe give it to his dad as a gift. It seems a little cruel for a 5 year old to make something so tempting and not be able to eat any of it. I will probably have a harder time with this than he will. The teacher invited me to be there while they are doing the project and it is the last day for him before Christmas vacation. I should keep those Canadian candies on hand, but I'd eat all of them!

Chicago, I will check out the Charleston Chew-Is it not a "may contain" candy? Thank you!

On Dec 17, 2003

What the heck is a candy bar train, and why does this have to be done in school? Rhetorical question - no need to answer.


On Dec 17, 2003


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On Dec 17, 2003

I think a full-size tootsie roll would work quite nicely.

On Dec 17, 2003

I agree that the Teacher should help find a way to make it safe for your son.

I saw somewhere that Rolos (small pieces of chocolate with caramel center) are safe. They might be fun to connect together like the different cars of a train. The package shape is about a 4 inch tube.

On Dec 17, 2003

HI! If you are still looking for a safe candy bar and you are in California - Scraffenberger(sp?) makes a safe big bar that is nut free. They sell them at Whole Foods, Mother's, Ralphs, or Albertsons. Only the big bars are safe (made in a nut free facility).

On Dec 17, 2003

Hey toomanynuts [img][/img] I should have e-mailed you yesterday. The Ralphs by me doesn't have it, they don't have much of anything with the strike, and Whole Foods is too far at this point. But I will look into that brand for the future.

I just don't feel good about this whole project for my ds and we may skip class tomorrow and do something special together. He is feeling nervous about it too. I feel like I am sending him mixed messages if he handles candy "to decorate" that he can't consume. At this point, I don't think it's worth it.

The teacher is a sweetheart and is really trying, but ds is the first pa kid she's had and my guess is she doesn't realize how limited we are in finding a safe US candy bar that will work for this project. The school has already gone peanut free for us w/o me requesting it which I appreciate so much. I'm just trying to balance my son enjoying a preschool project w/ his safety. It would have worked better to have more advance notice. I'm feeling uneasy also about what candy bars the other kids will be bringing as they are to each bring their own. There has already been one slip up this year of someone bringing peanut m&ms into class, thankfully I was there and caught it.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I've been to so many stores today looking for these candy bars and there is so little available, maybe due to the grocer's strike. I can't remember what's in a Mars bar which was the teacher suggested candy. I thought they had nuts, but couldn't even find one on the shelf to check a label. I couldn't find the Charleston Chew or a Large Tootsie Roll either!

On Dec 17, 2003

Love My C, I feel your pain. I went through this last year over and over(different things) but the teacher wanting me to scout out just the right thing and communicating with me, but not accomodating much on her end. Just sort of telling me what I needed to find to make "her thing" work.

My last straw was the McDonald's field trip. My dd is very picky, had never eaten there, I did not want to eat there, and I was just not comfortable being there with 12 kids. I would definately have to have gone along.

I found it best for my sanity, and to actually make a point, to tell the teacher we would not attend as my dd did not eat any food at McDonalds and we would have our own special time that day. I actually did ask my dd if she would want to go eat there and she did not want to(which helped). Of course I presented it that way as well(eating there with her class, not as taking a field trip there with her classmates, LOL).

The teacher did get it. I know she considered me overly cautious and we had a less sweet soul for a teacher, but she got it. I had to make everything work for her, rather than the other way around.

I would not feel bad if you feel you need to take a stand and make a point and have a special day with your son. But, you might make it crystal clear to the teacher that he cannot safely participate in this activity and you regret that you have to keep him home on this last day before break.

I felt better about it that way, even if it didn't change much. I understand your mixed signal feelings. I hate to say we now do go to McDonald's however, LOL. My dd discovered french fries and I have caved alot recently being in a rush between things and going for the happy meal. becca

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On Dec 18, 2003

Hi [img][/img] Love my C- Sorry for your little one having to miss out on a class project. (Feel free to e mail me anytime you have a question and need a quick answer!) Hopefully- you both can have a great day together! Mars has Almonds in it but I am sure with anything with nuts there is a chance of cross contamination. It is hard to find safe chocolates here and also with the grocery strike even harder. Sometimes we have found some of the safe candies at Target. If you don't have a list I could post one for you of the safe candies in US. We usually buy our chocolates from Vermont Nut Free or safe candies at Target or Whole Foods. My dd really doesn't care for candy but loves her Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. Anyway have a good day with your little one!

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On Dec 18, 2003

Hi, I don't know your comfort zone, but what about a 3 Musketeers Bar? It is the same shape as a Mars bar. It doesn't nave any nuts, but I think it's a "May contain..."

It stinks when teachers can't accomodate all students. She shouldn't do anything with nuts in it at all. You can make the same kind of "train" with a pack of gum (doublemint, juicy fruit), and a pack of life savers candy (any flavor). THat would be so much safer. Or how about macaroni angels? Have a great holiday!

On Dec 18, 2003

I think I would let him make the train with the "may contain" candy bar and just not let him eat that part when he got home. Have a replacement for him then.

On Dec 18, 2003

becca, I do remember reading about your little girl's teacher & food projects. This has really been our first food project since September. I provide his own separate snack each day as it is because of his multiple food allergies and of course for birthdays also. Thanks for your support!

toomanynuts...Mars has almonds?! UGH! That is what the teacher is telling everyone to bring. Thanks for the list offer. I'll e-mail you when I get a chance. [img][/img]

Lindajo, I had picked up a 3 Musketeers for him to use thinking along the same lines, but upon more thought, I just don't feel right about him handling may contains. He is now contact & airborne sensitive to peanuts. If he wasn't that sensitive I would probably go ahead and let him use that.

Like I said, we love this teacher but she doesn't "live" with peanut allergy. It is rare for someone to fully understand all the risks when they don't live with it on a daily basis. I imagine she has done this project each year with her preschool classes and I really think she assumed we had a safe alternative at our fingertips.

Thanks for your support everyone. I hope my ds will still be content to do something different today....if's off to the toy store [img][/img]

On Dec 18, 2003

Stories like this make me very sad. As a teacher, I'd be planning all my activities so that all the children in my class would be able to do it with success etc. Isn't inclusivity a priority anymore? This teacher would hardly ask a blind child to write a poem about colours, or a child who struggled with reading stand up in front of the class to read an unfamiliar book.

I'm sorry, but I'm wearing my opinionated hat about this one, and I feel your child's teacher should be doing more thinking about the activities she / he has planned.

I agree with the comment about what's the point of doing the activity? If it's a fun art / craft activity surely a substitute material could be used? Why does it have to be made of candy? A matchbox / cotton reel / Lego / anything other than 'may contain' chocolate bars train would probably last longer anyhow!?

Curious to know the outcome of this one!


On Dec 18, 2003

And they wonder why there is an epidemic of obesity today! Go figure!

Here on the east coast, Stop and Shop carries Aero bars. Are there any Irish import shops near you? They carry them, too. Good luck.

On Dec 18, 2003

Heather, I have seen you post before about finding Irish imports candy, Smarties even? Which S&S have you found these things at? I have a small one, not "superstore", but a "Superstore" one in Bedford. Mine barely even has sale items each week, and never the full assortment of products.

Thanks, becca.

On Dec 18, 2003

Love My C, I understand you situation about liking your teacher and understanding she does not fully comprehend the situation. This is your opportunity to educate her. Expalin that there is a danger in all the may contains and there really isn't much candy out there safe for our kids(especially if mulitply allergic).

We are having a good year this year with a new teacher, who is like yours, and she has 2 allergic children in the class with 3 allergies combined. She has been very understanding and did make a mistake or two(faily safe mistakes that proved good learning experiences). I agree folks just do not understand the subtleties of dealing with PA, in particular. It took me a year or more to really understand about calling manufacturers and the risks of chocolate. My dd ate USA Kit Ktas once or twice at Grandpa's(maybe before a peanut warning was used). I had no clue.

Bst of luck and hope your sone has a good day whatever it entails. becca

On Dec 18, 2003

What about using icing to "glue" Hershey's bars on top of each other?


On Dec 18, 2003

We stopped by this school in the a.m. when his class isn't there (he attends in the p.m.) and we dropped off Christmas gifts for the teachers. When ds' teacher saw us there early she sayed "Uh-oh, what's wrong?" and I could see her putting it all together in her head before I even opened my mouth. She asked if it was because of the project that we weren't coming later and I told her yes, I just couldn't find any safe candy bars in time that worked for her project and I wasn't comfortable with him using a "may contain" candy bar. She felt terrible and said she wished I'd told her as she would have not done the project. I said that she already had the sign-up sheet w/ people bringing items by the time she told me about it, 2 days ago. She said for the future that if there is ever a project he can't particpate in that she wants me to tell her and they will change it as she wants to be able to accomodate all the children.

She said we could have used the large Tootsie Roll and asked if we wanted to stay if I could get one of those. (Couldn't fin that the other day either). But I knew she was going to be having storebought Christmas cookies for snack today and since I hadn't planned on him staying I didn't have any homemade Christmas cookies "on me" for his snack and I didn't want to go through that scenario as well. Plus, who knows what candy bars the other kids would be bringing for the project. It was just too stressful, which may sound silly but ds is alright with it at this point. He was teary eyed this morning the first thing he said was he wanted to go to school. Not for the project, but just to be with the kids.

So, as usual, I need to be more assertive when it comes to his pa. It sometimes feels strange to me though for everyone to change their plans around ds. I still struggle with that. And yes, the teacher got more education regarding the allergy from this incident.

I also think if it was a public school that was supposed to be accomodating him that I would have been more assertive, but it's a small private school that accepted him when they didn't have to and made the school peanut free w/o my asking and they are really trying to work with me.

Ds is fine now. He got to pick out an ornament at the Hallmark store (Hot wheels 2003) and he gets to play his Gameboy as a special treat (his choice).

Thanks to all you fiercely loyal pa parents & adults (Helen) for the support. And to think this is just the beginning regarding school experiences.

On Dec 18, 2003

Becca, our local (small Stop & Shop) has an Irish Import section. We get Aeros there, as well as Jacob's cookies (the Jaffa Cakes are simply heavenly!). Sometimes they have Smarties as well. Interestingly, the S&S Superstore a little further away has no import section (but they did have Blueberry Hill candy corn, which the other one didn't). Go figure.

If you want Aeros, email me and I'll get some for you.


PS - How are you feeling?

On Dec 19, 2003

Hi Love My C! Just wanted to let you know for future reference that if you have a Bed Bath & Beyond near you they carry a lot of safe candies. We were just there and even saw the moon pies that others were posting about. Glad that you little one had a good day and that everyone is safe!

On Dec 19, 2003

Hey, Anyone know if any of these candies besides Hershey and Toosie also egg free?


On Dec 19, 2003

toomanynuts, we do have a BB&B near us. I noticed they carry Swedish Fish and other candies like that, but was never sure of the chocolate ones. I will definitely check for those Moonpies. Target didn't have them. I hope Moonpies don't have soy in them. Thanks.

Blair, sorry I can't speak to the egg allergy question on the Hersheys or Tootsies. Maybe Becca can help with that.

On Dec 19, 2003

Love my C, sorry he was sad, but glad the teacher recognized what to change. The biggest issue I had last year was the timing issue. But I do think you are not being silly at all to worry about the candy in the room, even if ds had a safe one. My dd is incredible about not eating unfamiliar fiids(really picky, actually, sort of a blessing with allergies). However, candy is very hard to resist. I simply know she does try to sneak tastes of candy(at home it is safe). I have caught her! She really is not the sneaky type all around either. I think it is a very valid worry. I explained this to our teacher. It is hardest the first year. This year, anticipate the issues since I have experienced the genral projects and celebrations last year.

A good way to get around it is to approach the teacher each month or a few weeks ahead of each approaching holiday or theme, and ask if there are any food crafts or projects in the works and how can you help to be sure it is safe. It has worked great with out teacher this year. Now, she even calls me and askes me to do certain things. She lets me help. I wish you the best, and take a deep breath and enjoy the break with your son! I remember being so relieved to have dd out for a few weeks last year.


On Dec 19, 2003

Amy, I feel big.

Thankyou so much for your offer, but I definately could access wherever Heather goes. We also have a Canadian connection who very successfully smuggled us some contraband Kit Kats after the 12th, LOL.

And, for the egg allergy, here are our safe candies we trust: Tootsie rolls, hershey bars, kisses, and baking chips, rolo's(not sure how closely I checked this for eggs, yikes), spangler candies(check labels) for lolipops and candy canes, starburst, skittles, swedish fish(trebor but sold in the states). Hmm. That is our most regular list. Oh, Peeps by just born, and other Just bor products.