safe candy


Does anyone have a list of safe candy for school parties? I am making a list for my son's preschool.

On Sep 17, 2003

Hi, I always go by the label, but it is probably good to issue a list in this situation.

i allow my PA/Tree Nut allergic child to eat the following candy:

Plain Hershey Bar Hershey's kisses-Not Hugs that are white and dark chocolate though Runts Skittles Nerds Twizzlers

On Sep 17, 2003

I raised a topic called "Safe Halloween Candy" in the manufacturers forum which should help you [img][/img]

On Sep 17, 2003

It also depends on where you live as well.

On Sep 17, 2003

Hi e-mom [img][/img] ,

Yes.. there are big differences between Canada and the USA regarding safe candy. For example, the Kit Kat bar is safe in Canada but not safe in the USA.

The "Safe Halloween Candy" thread has info on both Canada and the USA. [img][/img]