safe candy?

Posted on: Thu, 09/19/2002 - 5:27am
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pI am looking for a safe candy to hand out at AWANA. Right now they hand out Toosie Rolls and I am not comfy with that. Does anyone have any ideas?/p

Posted on: Thu, 09/19/2002 - 5:51am
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Hi ConnieLynn,
DumDum Lollipops are safe and my PA child loves Starburst Fruit Chews. He also has never had a problem with Hershey's Kisses. (The plain ones in the silver wrapper)
My son eats Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops without any problems. Has your child reacted to Tootsie products?
Stay Safe!

Posted on: Thu, 09/19/2002 - 7:17am
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A woman that works with AWANA opened one up one night and it had peanuts in it. So I just won't buy them for dd.

Posted on: Thu, 09/19/2002 - 12:00pm
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In Canada and the USA, Skittles should be fine and Starburst fruit chews too. And I think USA "Smarties" (Canadian "Rockets") should be safe too.

Posted on: Fri, 09/20/2002 - 3:00pm
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Nestle Wonka candies are another option in the USA & Canada..
for example, Wonka Nerds... Runts... Sweettarts... ShockTarts.. etc

Posted on: Sat, 09/21/2002 - 2:08am
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You might want to do a search under 'Tootsie Roll Company" How a peanut got into a 'tootsie roll' is beyond my comprehension....perhaps they had another brand of candy that is LIKE a Tootsie Roll. I think that most folks here believe Tootsie Rolls to be VERY safe - I know I have trusted them for some time and frequently tell other parents that it is a safe snack. If it IS true that she found a peanut...YIKES! A lot of people are going to be sad to see that snack added to the list of "may contain(s)"

Posted on: Sat, 09/21/2002 - 10:54am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Connielynn- Are you sure it was a Tootsie Roll Brand candy??? I was assured last year that they made a number of peanut free candies and tootsie rolls and pops were included. I always worry that this kind of thing will happen, so I do not let me kids eat commercial candy. However, when folks want to use candy at a party I like to be able to suggest items that I am comfortable letting my sons be around.
We only use Vermont Chocolate, Kellies Candies, and occasionally Peeps marshmallow treats. As far as my kids are concerned - they "understand" that NONE of the candy staring at them at the grocery and pharmacy check out areas are safe. I like it that way for many reasons. One advantage is that they basically ignore the candy which is nearly a miracle since they have such a sweet tooth!
Please provide some follow up information verifying that it was indeed a tootsie roll or that it was a different brand.
[This message has been edited by kstreeter (edited September 21, 2002).]

Posted on: Sun, 09/22/2002 - 1:15am
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I don't know what to say................ The woman who 'had seen' the peanuts on the candy is a 80 plus year old woman at church. I have know that in the past she has gotten things really mixed up. I wonder if this was one time.
Since I did not see it, I am sorry for saying a thing, I really thought she knew what she was talking about.

Posted on: Sun, 09/22/2002 - 12:02pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

That's ok. When something like this comes up it generally results in a few of us calling the company to confirm. That is always a good thing!
I will post what I find out.

Posted on: Sun, 09/22/2002 - 3:38pm
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Hey over in the States do you guys have candy like Fuzzy Peaches, Sour Cherry Blasters, that sort of thing? No nuts in those for sure...they are gummy sour candies....skittles too.

Posted on: Mon, 09/23/2002 - 12:16am
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does anyone know if the Barbie gummies or Barbie lollipops are safe??

Posted on: Mon, 09/23/2002 - 3:49am
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Hello...the Disney Princess fruit snacks from Betty Crocker are DD has them at school as her treat when others bring in birthday snacks, and she loves 'em! FYI we NEVER have them at home; that's why they're such a big deal to her. This is a USA product.

Posted on: Sun, 10/19/2003 - 2:34am
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I think it depends on where you are (US or Canada). Hersheys regular sized candy bars, smarties, skittles, rolos, blowpops, hershey kisses and cowtails are just a few examples that I buy for my peanut-allergic son. Hope this helps!! (we are in the US)
Mommy to:
Jake~ 4 yrs. old- PA
Sam~ 2 yrs. old- Not PA

Posted on: Sun, 10/19/2003 - 4:18am
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Thanks for asking the question! My dd is 9 too.
Your profile says you are in the US (Indiana).
York Peppermint Patties, Skittles, Rolos, Nerds (including the Nerds Rope), Starburst and Smarties are all OK for you! If you just have a peanut allergy Hersheys is probably OK too since I have only seen a "may contain almonds" warning on some of their things.
Don't eat anything without a label, especially those taffy type things wrapped in orange and black paper. They are peanut butter chews!
Have a great Halloween.

Posted on: Sun, 10/19/2003 - 6:49am
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Joined: 08/23/2003 - 09:00

Hi NOPEANUTSALLOWED! My dd is 3 but she loves chocolate and sometimes candy. So, heres our list.
Vermont Nut Free Chocolates- delicious and nut free. Your parents will have to order them online for you.
Canadian Smarties- pretty similar to the American M&M's. Made in a Nut Free Factory. Ask to see if someone here can send them to you. For a case of 48 it is usually $35.00 including shipping.
For closer to home treats.
"Just born" has the cutest marshmellow peeps for Halloween.
Skittles, Starbusts, all Jolly Ranchers, Concord Confections (Double Bubble Bubble Gum all)
Tootsie Rolls-includes Junior Mints, Charms Blow Pops, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies, Caramel Apple Pops, Andes Mints, and Trebor Allen.
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
Betty Crocker Dunkaroos (little cookies with frosting for dipping)
Krispy Creme Donuts
Pirates Booty
Wonka Candies(Nerds, Nerds Ropes, Laffy Taffy, Gobstoppers, pixy sticks, fun dip)
Have a safe and Happy Halloween! Hope you find all the candies that you are looking for.

Posted on: Mon, 10/20/2003 - 12:55am
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These suggestions are great. You might try alternatives to candy. Walgreens has crayons in Halloween packaging (20 per pack I thought they were reasonable), rings, stickers, pencils, etc. I gave the daycare class that my son is in the crayons. Have a safe and wonderful Halloween!

Posted on: Wed, 10/22/2003 - 12:20pm
Joined: 10/19/2003 - 09:00

Hi!! And thanks for giving advice!!!! I'll be carfull and have a SAFE Halloween! I hope you have safe Halloween too!!!!

Posted on: Thu, 10/23/2003 - 10:14pm
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Hi NoPeanutsAllowed,
I'm so glad you posted here, because you got some great suggestions!
Did anyone mention Tootsie Rolls or Tootsie Pops?
This year I bought a coupon book for Frostys from Wendy's - you can get 10 Frosty coupons for $1.00 (American). When my son gets unsafe Halloween candy he trades it in for safe candy we have bought in advance, and this year he can get Frosty coupons too.
I hope you have a great Halloween.
BTW, my son is 9 too. [img][/img]

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