Safe Butter or do you use I Can\'t Believe It\'s Not Butter?

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I was using Can't Believe It's Not Butter. They can't, of course, give a specific answer about allergies. I am pretty sure it is run on shared lines though. My dd is PA EA. Just had a reaction recently and can't pinpoint the culprit. What do you use or anyone using this brand?

Thank you Samber

On Nov 16, 2006

i have given my son fleishmans milk free butter because his friend is milk allergic. my son prefers kellers butter though. i use that and would also trust breakstones by kraft. i think i will trust any butter but not margarine.

On Nov 16, 2006

We use Earth Balance tub margarine.


On Nov 16, 2006

Real butter and Olivio here with no problems.

On Nov 16, 2006

We use Olivio. No problems.

On Nov 17, 2006

I just found that Challenge butter and it's spreadables and whipped butter only contain milk and none of the other top allergens. Also manufactured in a allergen free facility, besides milk. Thank you all!!!!!!


On Nov 22, 2006

I'm splitting hairs here, but this one is important... If it doesn't contain milk, it is margarine or spread, NOT butter. It's important to make this distinction if you eat in restaurants or allow others to cook for you, particularly if you're also dealing with dairy or soy allergies.

I don't use butter much anymore since DD is milk allergic, but we've used Challenge, Kerrygold, Tillamook and Lucerne with no problems as far as peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, sesame, squid, shellfish and egg goes.

For margarine, we use Nucoa, Fleishmans Unsalted, Organic Earth Balance and Mothers Margarine (the kosher for passover varieties).

------------------ Cheryl, mom to Jason (9 MFA including peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and egg) Joey (7 NKA) Allison (3 MFA including milk, butternut squash, several fruits and suspected shellfish allergies, avoiding tree nuts, RAST - for peanut) Ryan (born 12/27/05) nka *knock on wood*