safe breads


hi. i havent given my son the martins hamburger rolls or peppridge farm breads since i found out he is low to tree nuts and sesame as well as still high to peanut. what breads does everyone use? stroehem says they runs nuts on their lines but a lot of people seem to use it successfully? thanks

On Apr 13, 2006

We purchase Misson or Don Pancho tortillas... and use Kangaroo Pita bread...


You meant [i]bread[/i] bread didn't you?

Never store-bought. Not for six years have I bought a loaf of bread. I started making all our bread when DD was wheat and oat allergic and was never able to stop because of severity of egg allergy... we are just used to it now. (This probably doesn't help, does it?) [img][/img] Personally I can't think of how to do this with a sesame allergy. That would be as bad as the egg. Maybe worse.

On Apr 21, 2006

My son is PA, TNA, Sesame and other seeds.Sesame and seed allergy is based on RAST not actual experience with the seeds. But he regularly eats pepperidge farm canadian white, original white, and sandwich white bread. I have tried to interest him in wheat breads, but won't even try them.Recently spoke to a rep. at Pepperidge Farm who said that they are noting potential for sesame cross contamination as they do with peanuts and nuts.