Safe Bread (Natural Ovens is NOT)

Posted on: Tue, 02/27/2001 - 4:30am
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pI know this topic has been discussed before, but since I can't access the search function, thought I'd ask if anybody has any information on safe breads to eat. We've been eating Natural Ovens bread, produced in Manitowac, Wisconsin. We've had no problems, however, after speaking to the company recently, I was told that they do make a bread with pecans, which is run on shared equipment with their other /
They also make other nut-containing products in the same plant./p
pSo . . . are there any safe breads out there that are whole grain/wheat type?/p
pThanks so much for any advice!/p

Posted on: Fri, 03/02/2001 - 2:43am
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I buy Vermont Bread Company bread. I called a little under a year ago and they told me they didn't have any peanuts or tree nuts in their facility at all. I don't know if you'd get that brand where you are, though.

Posted on: Fri, 03/02/2001 - 7:48am
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Heather - thanks for responding. I remember from the bread thread a while ago that you used the Vermont co. bread. I'm in Illinois, so I may not be able to get it. Do you happen to have a phone number or web site address for them?
Could anybody else out there recommend a safe bread company? I e-mailed Pepperidge Farm (Campbell's owns them) but have not received a response.

Posted on: Mon, 03/05/2001 - 5:09am
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Thought I'd ask again, since only Heather responded. What kind of store-bought breads do people feel comfortable feeding their PA, TA children? Any whole grain breads?
Thanks in advance.

Posted on: Tue, 03/06/2001 - 11:59pm
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Yonit...I found the "bread thread". It's called Vermont Bread Company. The phone number is there.

Posted on: Thu, 03/08/2001 - 4:25am
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I finally received a reply from Pepperidge Farm (owned by Campbell's) to my inquiry regarding their bread. This is what they said:
"We received your message and appreciate your taking the time to contact Pepperidge Farm.
We are sure you understand that some consumers are allergic to a wide range
of ingredients. We receive inquiries, for example, from those allergic to milk, eggs, nuts, and corn, to name only a few. As space is limited on the product package, we cannot highlight all of the possible allergens in the product.
We instead list all of the ingredients used in the product on every package so that our consumers can evaluate whether each product meets their dietary needs.
We hope this information will be helpful to you. Thank you for the compliment you pay us by using our products.
Thank you for visiting the Pepperidge Farm web-site.
Pepperidge Farm Web Team
This was my return response to them:
"Actually, the reply you sent was not particularly helpful. Many companies offer specific information on allergen ingredients as well as possible cross-contamination due to shared production lines. They do so despite the extra efforts or cost to them because they are concerned about the well-being of their consumers as well as liability issues.
I specifically inquired about your Pepperidge Farm breads. Do they contain nuts or nut oils of any kind, and/or are they produced on shared equipment that also produces nut-containing products? I would greatly appreciate a reply.
There is an increasing incidence of food allergies in this country, and many companies have made concerted efforts to educate consumers about the safety of their products. It seems that your company would benefit from this policy as well. I plan on sharing your responses with online support groups for people with nut and other food allergies."
Oh well . . . we'll see if they respond.

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