safe bread crumb


I know this had been discussed before but I am having hard time locating the old posts. Could anyone recommend a brand? I know it can be home-made, but I really want to have a can handy for last minute meals. Thanks,

On Dec 27, 2007

I use Kellog's Corn Flake Crumbs. I know they are not true breadcrumbs, but I trust Kellog's labeling.

On Dec 28, 2007

edward and sons organic from giant. i emailed them. safe for sesame allergy. delish and my son has no problems. he is also peanut/ tree nut

On Dec 28, 2007

Progresso, by General Mills.

On Jan 7, 2008

I use 4C Seasoned [b]KOSHER[/b] because my daughter also has sesame allergy. They are tough to find sometimes and I've had to order them from the 4C website in a pinch.

On Jan 7, 2008

yes they are safe but i couldnt find them and didnt want 2 order. theyre low carb or low salt ones are made on line with sesame and only steam cleaned

On Jan 7, 2008


No suggestions but I did recently come across this link for edwards and sons - depending on your comfort level this link states they do have Tree nuts in the plant where the bread crumbs are made.



On Jan 8, 2008

i did see that too. on a couple of their flavors there are nuts in plant. one doesnt. we have used the seasoned i believe and my son is fine. when i emailed them they told me nut free. my son is also allergic to sesame and they make things with sesame. i believe they clean between lines and its probably not on same line?? my son is low to sesame, walnut and pecan, negative to the others except for brazil and not many people use that nut. i use to use shake and bake but he didnt like that and i believe got a red blotch from it?? he is always itchy and bumpy so its hard. his bloodwork came up neg. to sesame so they skin tested him and it was still positive.