safe baked goods -- no sesame either (canada)

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Hi Just found a product by Treasure Mills at my local grocer today. Currently, my store only carried 2 types of cookies, but the company manufactures artisan breads, loaf and mini cakes, dookie dough, etc. All are peanut, nut, and sesame free. The company is located in Newmarket ON. They have a comprehensive listing of products on their website: [url=""][/url] Haven't tried the cookies yet, but hopefully Hannah will enjoy them. They are also trans-fat free. Sarah

On Feb 20, 2007

Just bumping my thread re Toronto area sesame-free baked goods so that AnnaMarie sees it. S

On Feb 21, 2007

Thanks Sarah. [img][/img]

I'm aware of the company, but selling in stores must be new. What grocery store chain was it in? Was it in Toronto?

They still don't have their *buns* page up and running. I suspect we'll be stopping their regularly when going to Wonderland this year. [img][/img] If they have hamburger and hotdog buns I'll be on a first name basis with them very quickly. [img][/img]

On Feb 21, 2007

Hi Anna Marie It was at Zehr's in Waterloo. Zehr's is owned by Loblaw Companies. Sarah

On Feb 21, 2007

I'm in B.C. Canada... are these products available my way? anyone know?


On Feb 21, 2007


I have a feeling the company may not have wide distribution, but this is just a guess. Even at my store they only had 2 types of cookies available -- called "schoolsafe" individually wrapped for lunch boxes. When I asked at the bakery department about other products, they didn't know much about them.

You could email Treasure Mills and ask if they have products available in your area. Here is the contact page on their website:


The site does show a shopping cart link as if one could order on line, but nothing is set up yet for that option.