peanut roasting factory - Allergic reaction to roasting vapors?

Posted on: Sat, 08/04/2018 - 4:47am
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I am the Mayor of my community and discussing the possible opening of a nut roasting and distribution factory in our town. I would like to confirm whether the vapors emitted from the roasting equipment can cause an allergic reaction with school children?

The proposed location of the factory is about 500-1000 feet of our elementary school and I want to make sure that this will not be an issue.

If such vapors are an allergy threat, will filters on the roasters solve the problem?

Thank you

Posted on: Wed, 08/06/2014 - 6:53am
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I'm really not sure of the answer to this, but I'm really glad to hear that this is being thought of and you are asking the question! You might have to consult an allergist, however here is a link to a magazine that has allergists that write columns for them and might be able to help as well -

Posted on: Wed, 08/06/2014 - 11:24pm
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Thank you for your response. I actually did also reach out to the ACAAI and received the following response:
“The answer is that peanut allergy only occurs on ingestion of peanuts. Inhalation of peanut dust does not cause an allergic reaction.
If he goes on the internet however, he will find plenty of layman stories that say the opposite. None of this has been proven correct. This is the same issue that settled the peanut issue on planes. Airlines continue to serve peanuts on planes!!
This response was from an MD out of Ohio.

Posted on: Tue, 11/04/2014 - 4:12am
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I developed my peanut allergy 18 years ago after I had chemo.
I wanted to share from my personal experience, inhaling vapors of peanuts or inhaling peanut dust creates a MUCH MORE difficult allergic reaction for me! Just being (or even traveling through) in a community that had a business that released vapors from peanuts in the air could result in me dying!!!
My family & I one time went to Cedar Point Amusement In Cedar Point Ohio. Within minutes of getting out of our vehicle I immediately had trouble breathing. I had a breathing treatment & we continued to enter park. Never ate anything nor rode 1 ride. Spent over an hour in first aid, ended up being escorted to my vehicle by paramedics so I could administer my epi pen. Became anaphlyeptic very quickly. As it turns out they fry ALL their food in peanut oil!!! I researched online before we chose our destination, NO WHERE on website does it state they fry in peanut oil. Cedar Point reluctantly refunded our money, still believing I had to of eaten something.... I did NOT!! Since that time I've had several episodes of the same nature when people around me have consumed something with peanuts or left a crumb trail on my desk that I unknowingly sat down to. I had the most serious reaction I've ever had. The allergic reaction actually burnt lining of my lungs & it took over 2 months for my lungs to begin to heal!!

Posted on: Sun, 01/04/2015 - 11:48am
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I AM A LIVING EXAMPLE OF AN AIRBORNE PEANUT ALLERGY*** I have a very severe peanut allergy. I was 1.5 years old when diagnosed. 18 years old and in college now. When I was in 6th grade, I had an extremely bad reaction to peanut butter cookies. At the time, my family and I didn't realize that we couldn't carry peanut products in the house. I had taken my medication for allergies above the plate full of cookies and immediately my throat closed and I couldn't talk to get my moms attention.
My (sub)allergist said the same thing about airborne allergies and flat out told me I had no clue what actually happened and that I must have ingested part of the cookie. And I DID NOT do so. My actual allergist advised me to stay completely clear of peanuts and anything that may have come in contact with it.
Just beware that though the textbooks may say it's impossible, it is completely possible.
Age 18

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