safe AND healthy snacks and chocolate!

Posted on: Mon, 11/04/2002 - 2:01pm
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I had posted about safe carob chips I had found a few months ago. NSPIRED foods makes several varieties of safe chocolate chips and carob chips, naturally sweetened with whole grains rather than refined sugars. They have a great website which shows they are very allergy aware, and they make SOME other safe snacks too (

I contacted two other very health aware companies today, and both turned out to be nut-free! They both make dried fruits-that are crunchy-not chewy-good for snacking and great for recipies, and some crunchy veggie snacks and SAFE soynuts. and are the websites if anyone is interested!

Posted on: Mon, 11/04/2002 - 11:40pm
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I just looked at and it said you could order nuts from them. Did they tell you they did not have nuts at all or just not in the dried fruits/veggies factory? They look tasty but I just want to make sure before I order them.

Posted on: Tue, 11/05/2002 - 3:17am
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Jaime, I saw that too and was worried, so I emailed and they said that they do not carry the nuts anymore, and haven't for 9 monts or so now, and assured me it was safe. And I ate their product with no reaction. If you email them they should respond the same day. Hope that helps! Lisa
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