safe american ice cream/popsicles?


We will be travelling to California with our PA son and are wondering what brands of ice cream are safe for him? Thnaks for any info.

On Feb 21, 2005

I live in Canada, but here is a link to a thread about a safe American ice-cream.


It is called Phillyswirl. In the link there is a number if you want to call Alex (the co-owner) and he is really friendly and if he doesn't know the answer to your questions - he'll find them for you. [img][/img]

On Feb 21, 2005

Thanks AnnaMarie. I checked out the thread and the website. I should be able to buy this at any Sam's or Walmart in Anaheim and keep them in our hotel freezer for a special treat!

On Feb 21, 2005

I just called on Popsicle brand by Good humor/Breyers and they are made in a PN/Nut free facility.

Also we trust Dreyer's and Breyers but we only buy the plain vanilla only.


On Feb 28, 2005

Sebastian, What products by popsicle brand/good humor Breyers are in a peanut/tn free facility?????

On Feb 28, 2005

I have never called popcicle, but my PA son lives on the super hero popcicles by good humor. We have never had a problem. We also use Dreyers Vanilla Bean without any incident. Again, I called, and felt that they cleaned the lines adequately for my comfort level.

On Mar 1, 2005

I called specifically on the Super hero popsicles but she did say all their popsicle brand popsicles were made in peanut/nut free facility. She did mention the specialty ones as well are made there. (the ones they sell on the ice cream truck or at toys r us, shaped like spiderman, dora etc)


On Mar 2, 2005

I called too because it would be nice to know of another line of ice cream bars etc. The woman I spoke to said that it is NOT necessarily a peanut/nut free facility and they don't use "dedicated" lines. That being said, she mentioned that since those items don't have a nut variety at this time, they do not run the risk of cross contamination with nuts. (This includes the ones that actually contain ice cream like the creamsicles and fudge pops, ice cream sandwiches, etc. [img][/img] ) Should that change, however, those items might not be safe. She did say that the only Popsicle brand item that she was not sure about though was the strawberry shortbread bar since it has a coating on it that is made elsewhere.

She told me that she has a niece with several food allergies and when asked if she felt comfortable giving her any of these, she said "absolutely".

It wouldn't surprise me if the facility really does not produce items made with nuts but that they just don't feel comfortable saying that it is "nut free".

Anyway, I would feel that with exception of the strawberry shortcake one, these are safe enough for my comfort zone.

On Mar 10, 2005

The Super Heroes popsicles list natural flavors in their ingredients. Has anyone ever asked what that is? I am excited to be able to have these in my house but just need to hit a certain comfort level. I emailed today to see if she could answer this one last question for me. Thank you for posting this great new treat for us.

On Mar 13, 2005

Edy's Ice cream has nut allergen free flavors. They make sorbet too! Check out the website, you can search for flavors that are nut free. We've been eating all sorts of nut free flavors for years with no problem! [url=""][/url]

On Mar 13, 2005

Has anyone here called Edy's to ask what they mean by "nut allergen-free"? Do they use a seperate facility to make the nut-free ice cream? A seperate production line? Or do they just wash the equipment between flavors?

For example, they list their Nestle TollHouse Cookie Cookie Swirl ice cream as being "nut allergen-free", yet one of the ingredients is peanut oil! (Yes, I know that some people, including FAAN, say that peanut oil is safe for PA individuals to eat, but some of us here have had reactions to it.)

I'd love to be able to buy Edy's if they're truly nut-free, but if this is an example of how they define "nut allergen-free", then I really don't feel comfortable using their products.


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On Sep 6, 2005

edys does use peanut oil that has no protein in it but it will be listed on ingredient statement

On Sep 7, 2005


Originally posted by tidina: [b]edys does use peanut oil that has no protein in it but it will be listed on ingredient statement[/b]

That is true but if you go to the website and try to find peanut free items, the peanut oil items will still show up in that list. They don't treat it as an allergen as far as shared equipment/cross contamination/"may contain" labelling. So IOW you might buy a flavor that was made on the same line, right after a flavor with peanut oil, and it won't say 'may contain peanut oil' on it because they don't consider peanut oil to be an allergen.

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On Sep 7, 2005

I have been saddened by the fact that this past Spring and Summer, there were no Phillyswirl ice cream sandwiches anywhere. I used to be able to get them at BJ's and Giant, but they do not carry them anymore, and I've specifically asked them to. They do carry the ice pops, but I sure would have liked to have the ice creams sandwiches available during one of our hottest summers ever!

On Sep 7, 2005

i would not give my son edys ice cream. the philly swirl sandwiches have been discontinued for months.