S.2499 Food Allergen Consumer Protection Act


I am sure that by now you have all written or called your Senators & Congressman to urge them to support this important bill pertaining to food labeling & food allergy.

I am bumping up this topic again, however for new members or anyone who still has not made their call.

I just received an "Urgent Call To Action" from FAAN asking all of us (and pass this along to everyone you know) to E-mail, call, or fax your US Congressman - Senators AND Representatives TODAY. Time is running out on the current Congressional session. Please do NOT write letters at this point since, due to security reasons, written letters may not arrive in time.

S.2499 will benefit all individuals affected by food allergy. Contact information for your US Congressman can be found by: 1) calling the US House and Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 OR 2) visiting the FirstGov website - [url="http://www.firstgov.org/Contact.shtml"]http://www.firstgov.org/Contact.shtml[/url] and scrolling down to "Contact Your Elected Officials." (Note: You may need your full 9-digit zip code in order to retrieve contact information for your US Representative.)

For further info, there are other threads on this topic found here by conducting a search. Additional info can also be found at [url="http://www.foodallergy.org"]www.foodallergy.org[/url] FAAN's web-site.

------------------ Stay Safe, Fran

On Oct 23, 2002

Here's the legislative update: The bill is ready for vote in the Senate, but the current session is over until after the November 5th elections. The Senate MAY reconvene after the elections for a lame duck session. If they do, they should vote on the bill. It would then go to the House for their approval. If the Senate does not reconvene, then the bill will be reintroduced in January to our newly elected officials. It would still be very helpful to still have people contact their legislators. At a minimum, it will raise awareness.

On Oct 28, 2002

See the "Take Action" board for an update on S2499, n/k/a S3001.