Ryan picked Phillyswirl as his birthday treat for class.

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I really thought this was a great idea.

Any child who brings in a birthday treat can have it served in the cafeteria. Unfortunately, virtually everything that comes in Ryan can't have, however, I pack him a Hershey bar, Canadian Smarties, or whatever in his bag to have on these days.

Anyway, Ryan was wondering what to bring, then announced, "Hey, how about Phillyswirl..." I told him that was a great idea, so that's what we did. We brought in the Phillyswirlwiches and an extra PS ice for the child who is peanut and egg allergic. There was a flavor for everyone and all the kids loved it. It was really wonderful that EVERY child could have a treat. (I did buy a box of Popsicle brand sugar-free chocolate pops for the child who was a diabetic, but she was absent.) Gave that box to my dad since he watches his sugar/carb intake and I don't trust that product anyway.

There were 24 very happy kids at the regular and peanut-free lunch tables.

On Nov 6, 2004

Excellent idea! Glad it went well.

Since you brought up the topic of PhillySwlrl, I thought I might add some discouraging news.

I've been e-mailing on a semi-regular basis with Alex from PhillySwirl on product ideas, and the like. He told me that Good Humor and one other major manufacturer (can't remember which one) are copying his product to put him out of business!!! He doesn't have the $$$ for R&D of new products nor can the company afford to pay what the markets require for prime shelf space. He added..."you can bet if they succeed, their product won't be peanut safe".

Alex stopped posting on this board a long time ago because some felt he was selling his product here. Alex is a sincere, honest, trustworthy person who truly cares about our children.

He has discount coupons he is sending me to hand out as word-of-mouth advertising as he believes this is the best form (as any sales person will tell you word-of-mouth is the best).

I've encouraged this product by adding it to the safe snack list and party-suggestion list at DD's school. I've forwarded e-mails from Alex to family members so they can see his sincerity and they in turn have took it upon themselves to speak with him. The concensus is...Alex and Max care...and in response my family and friends now stock these products to help Alex out because he is helping Lauren out by keeping his products safe. One relative is trying to get his product into the commisary on her military base.

There are a lot of safe products out there which are great...including Vermont Nut Free, the company that makes Soy Nut Butter, plus I'm sure hundreds more. I do my part to support all of them. The more there are, the easier awareness spreads (e.g. I always use the analogy of lactose intolerance - shelves covered with lactose free now-a-days and everyone now knows what it means - 10 years ago, it certainly wasn't like that!)

I guess I have a soft spot for this company because of the way this "peanut-free" thing came about for them, because they are one of the few in the mainstream market, and because they take this allergy very personally...I would hate to lose them.

Others may have different opinions and I respect that. This is just my humble opinion.


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On Nov 6, 2004

Andrea, I totally agree with you about Alex and Philly Swirl. I've been begging my local markets to stock their stuff with no luck. I travel about half an hour away every couple of weeks (with a big cooler in my car!) to stock up on Swirlwiches, which my kids adore. I love the Phudge bars, myself.

I hope Max and Alex can prevail against the big guys.


On Nov 7, 2004

I've never heard of Philly Swirl. What is it? It sounds like something that contains milk. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

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On Nov 7, 2004

Darkmage, their ices are dairy free, but their swirlwiches and phudge bars do contain dairy.


On Nov 7, 2004

What is so sweet for us is that dd's best friend has become a Phiily Swirl addict(after I gave them to him everytime he had lunch here, lol). He had them for *his* borthday last year, so dd could have them too on that day! It was so great for her. He is a gem. becca