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Posted on: Sat, 09/13/2003 - 11:54am
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I agree Karen. I've come to the conclusion that people are willing to accomodate other people many times "except" when it means they actually have to give up something. Then it is often a different story. I've told my friends (who have scoffed at me for even thinking a school can deal with p.a.) that your child can go home and eat peanut butter til they puke...if you love it so much. But my dc's right to an education in a safe/unthreatening envirn. supercedes your child's desire (not necessity) to eat peanut products at school. It really is a compassion issue..not just medical. I've often told my dc that she is an outlet of compassion for people to show God they will think of others and not just themselves.

Posted on: Sat, 09/13/2003 - 2:40pm
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Quote:Originally posted by KarenH:
[b]Okay fine, people enjoy it and take it for granted. But what really makes ME angry (and here I don't even have a PA child) is that people are so selfish that they can't see that by doing something SMALL like eating their beloved food somewhere else, they are saving a life.
People spout all sorts of support for kids with disabilities, life threatening illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy....and are willing to accept them and accomodate them. However, if it affects them personally (by them not being able to eat pb around a child) they are all up in arms. There are children dying around the world from starvation-and people get upset about not being able to send pb in their kids lunch? We live in countries that have huge rates of childhood obesity-I'm sure that they can find something else to feed the kids.
The "changing school for one kid" thing also makes me ticked off. Schools are changed for all kinds of kids-if you have a kid in a wheelchair, children are asked to move out of the way, the child has special seating, automatic doors. Thing in the classroom may be adapted so that the child can participate. If there is a deaf child, an interpreter is in the class, at assemblies, and the child again has preferential seating and adapted things in the classroom. Should I go on?
I suppose it's because I've seen schools accomodate all kinds of children, whose disabilities are not life threatening. And to me, to have people voice that those kids should be accomodated and then be angry about pb makes me feel that they are total hypocrites. I suppose it comes down to the parents are happy as long as it doesn't affect them. Which really, to me, is hypocritical.
Sorry if this turned into a rant-but I couldn't help myself. :P This was not directed at anyone here at all, just me saying my own opinion. [/b]
Karen, if I could post an emoticon clapping I would. Well said!!! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Sun, 09/14/2003 - 2:38am
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Thanks. I work with special needs children, and have PA, so I see this sort of thing a lot. I'm also a Mom of a child who is LD, and have had to ask schools for accomodations myself. It makes me so angry to see people accomodate kids with visable disabilities, and dismiss those that have invisible ones-as if the problem doesn't even exist. Drives me nuts. Maybe because dh AND ds have invisible disabilities (dh-dyslexia, although highly intelligent;ds has an LD in math, a writing disorder, also highly intelligent).



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