Rosina foods, also Celentano

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Hi guys,

just wanted to share an e-mail I rec'd from this company. Looks like these foods are safe!

"Thank you for your interest in our Celentano Manicotti! Both of our facilities are Peanut/Treenut free. Again, thank you for your patronage and have a great day!"


Melissa Maul Customer Service Rosina Food Products, Inc. 170 French Rd. Buffalo, NY 14227 1-888-767-4621 Recipes at [url=""][/url]

On Mar 14, 2008

i called celentano and was told something that made me not want to use them. i think pine nuts and sesame? not sure. i used mama rosies and sevruli??

On Mar 14, 2008

I wrote back again, and the rep said the last time they used nuts was in august, 2005...when were you in contact with them...maybe their manufacturing process have changed???

On Mar 14, 2008

i mustve called in 2007 or 2006. are these the ones in USA that u get in the freezer section

On Mar 14, 2008

Yeah, in the freezer section..the manicotti...

gosh, i hope they are not giving out misleading info!!!

On Mar 19, 2008

yes also got a new email that they are peanut, tree nut free and they dont use sesame. im happy because i prefer their ravioli to others. thanks for the new info.!

On Mar 19, 2008

woo-hoo add that and Mama Rosie's to our "safe list"

I actutally suggested to both companies to put "nut/peanut free" on the front of their packages...I dont know why most companies know?