Rocky Rococo--letter from corporate


There's a Rocky Rococo pizza place in a local mall. I wanted to get DS spaghetti and the employee, who looked like a manager, told us that they don't use peanut oil or any peanuts in any products. DS ate the pasta with no problem.

Then we returned a few weeks later and I contemplated getting him pizza so I asked again just to be sure, particularly because dough can be made with ingredients that could have contamination. This time the employee said "yes we use peanut oil". They seemed a bit confused and this worried me so I just avoided the place entirely and wrote to corporate. This is the mail I received:

First of all, I would like to apologize for the mixed answers you received from employees at the Champaign location. I will be contacting the manager there to be sure that this mistake does not happen again. Secondly, there may be traces of peanut oil in our pizza products. We receive cooking oils from a variety of vendors, all of which have facilities that have contact with peanut oil. I would not recommend someone with a severe peanut allergy to take the chance. I hope this information is helpful to you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more assistance or information.


Genevieve Scudder Marketing Assistant ROCKY ROCOCO RESTAURANTS

-------------- So this may or may not be in your comfort zone but I'm not sure I really should take the risk here. We are SO NEW at eating out! What would your take be on the safety of this? I know some PA people can handle peanut oil but who knows what kind of peanut oil it might be too.

In any case, I thought this might be helpful info.


On Oct 5, 2006

Just so you know, *many* cooking oils are made in the same facilities/on the same equipment as peanut oil. I think Mazola Oil isn't, and there's another brand that doesn't. I'm sure someone who posted on that particular thread could raise it for you.

Anyway, this response is probably the truth for most places you would eat out at. And many of us eat out without a problem. I personally, from that response, would be okay with eating the pizza. However, some people would not be. Definately a comfort zone thing.

On Oct 6, 2006

That's great to know, thanks.

I am curious to know though among most of you if you would eat the pizza if you didn't know the brand of oil?

On Oct 9, 2006

Personally, if I ate the spaghetti with no problem, and then got told that there is a possibility of xcontamination with the pizza, I'd personally stick to the pasta...but only on a limited basis...And watch how he reacts to it with each exposure...

I used to be fine with eating peanut oil -- I didn't even KNOW chik fil used peanut oil, until I started reacting one day, after 4 years of consuming it nearly every week...(We had chik fil a delivered to our high school! That was my morning breakfast -- either a chick fil a sandwich or a cup of ramen noodles) and then once I got to college, I would have it almost every week, as I didn't particularly like our cafeteria food (Where I had the choice of PB&Js or Green Chili EVERYTHING most days) so my friends and I would jump in my car and head off to the mall. Of course, my body saved the major reaction to it until I was by myself, my parents were out of town on vacation and most of my friends were too (Fall break)...THAT sucked.