Rochester NY


Heading to Rochester by the University of Rochester - any recommendations?

On Jan 16, 2008

We're visiting family in Rochester in Feb.

I'm interested in hearing any responses as well.

If anyone can recommend a restaurant around the Strong Museum for Children that would be great.



On Jan 29, 2008


Did you get any Rochester info? I can't seem to get any info from anyone.


On Feb 1, 2008


I don't have much experience with Rochester restaurants, but we have been to the Strong Museum. They have a food court there with a Pizza Hut, Subway, and Taco Bell. The kitchen/food service areas for the restaurants are all connected. I believe that the Subway there does have the dreaded pb cookies.

The Strong also has a separate eating establishment within the museum called Bill Gray's Diner. It's more fast food than a diner, since you buy your food at the counter then bring your food to the diner-type tables or counter to eat. I emailed the manager before our visit, but of course I cannot find his name now. I remember that he did say that they were allergy-aware, and to alert the staff when we arrived so that they could take extra care in the kitchen with our food. My DS had a grilled cheese without incident. I'd suggest calling over there (you can probably find a # on their website [url=""][/url] and try to talk to the Bill Gray's manager about your concerns.

Rochester also has a Moe's, though not near the museum, but not too far. It's near the Henrietta area where all the retail stuff is. We had a fine time eating there once, too.

The Strong Museum is completely awesome - your kids will love it! I recommend he Butterfly Garden if your kids are at all into that kind of thing.

Hope this helps!

On Feb 2, 2008

Thank you so much!

They would love the butterfly garden. I'm looking forward to it!


On Feb 2, 2008

My father lives outside of Rochester and we go several times per year but do not eat out often. If you go to the mall area in Henrietta you will find all of the old familiar chain restaurants. Since several of these are in my comfort zone, we usually choose one of these options when eating out. I have also eaten at Delmonico's. They told me to stay away from the chicken fingers. They are availble for children but not on the menu. Because of this warning, I do not eat any fried food items. I have had several delicious meals there with no problem. I've also eaten at a few restaurants in Avon - The Avon Inn and Peppermints. Both were fine though the Avon Inn did offer peanut butter pie one evening. I also found an Italian deli downtown across the street from Kodak. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name but they have delicious subs. Have a great trip and go out to the Finger Lakes if you have time!

On Feb 3, 2008

Thank you so much!!!!