roasted UNSALTED sunflower seed kernels


Does anyone know of a source of roasted, unsalted sunflower seed kernels? Sunbutter and a few other sites only sell salted. We'd like to use them for baking.



On Oct 5, 2006

The only shelled sunflower seeds I've ever seen have may contains on them. David's in the shell are the only ones I can find without a warning. I suppose that they are processed in plants with tree nuts and peanuts. Sorry....

On Oct 5, 2006

David's has hulled ones too, but they are salted. I called and they are processed in a nut free facility and bear no warnings on the package. This is for saknjmom.

Not helpful to the original poster. Maybe contact Sunbutter and request they have an unsalted version. becca

On Oct 5, 2006

REALLY? All our David's shelled seeds have a warning, I'm almost sure of it. I'll look when I'm at the store today. THANKS

On Oct 5, 2006

We use David's salted, shelled sunflower seeds with no problem. There is no warning on the bag and I've called in the past and they have been safe. It has been about a year since I've called, though.

I have contacted Sunbutter and am waiting for a response.