Riu Yucatan

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We are travelling to the Mexican Riveria and staying at Riu Yucatan (third week of January 2006). My son has a peanut allergy. Any information regarding food concerns at this resort would be greatly appreciated.

On Jan 3, 2006

We stayed at the RIU Playacar in Playa del Carmen last year. I would imagine their food setup is similar.

There was an open basket of peanuts in shell in one corner of the buffet, really out of the way, and my PA son stayed away from food in that area. Otherwise he ate what he wanted--which was pretty straightforward stuff generally. Lots of fruit and tortillas, rolls, chicken, pizza. My husband talked to the maitre'd, who talked with the chef, who said that he didn't use any peanuts in the cooking. The cooking oil was not peanut oil (maybe corn oil?). We had a really great time!

On Jan 9, 2006


You can find some key Spanish phrases in the Punta Cana thread in the Travel board here that I posted a few days ago. I laminated a card at Kinkos the last time we went to Cozumel. DS came home able to ask about peanuts at Mexican restaurants here!