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Posted on: Tue, 07/03/2007 - 12:08pm
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Try a Blendini. They are awesome!

Posted on: Mon, 07/09/2007 - 12:29am
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We got Rita's ices for the first time yesterday and it was good. DS was so excited - and so was I. We got chocolate, cherry and lemon. I'm glad we have a new safe place to go to.

Posted on: Tue, 07/10/2007 - 12:06am
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One just opened up need us, 20 minutes away, we have gone there like 5 times since they opened!! Great Place!

Posted on: Mon, 09/03/2007 - 6:29am
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We ended the summer (schools open here tomorrow) with a trip to the newly opened Rita's near us. Thanks to all of you for cluing me in about this place -- it was awesome! We got Italian Ices (2 for 1 on Mondays; what a deal!), which were delicious, & my PA child got a Blendini, which she loved. They even gave sample sized vanilla custard w/ a dog bone in it to our dog who was waiting outside. (They had dog water bowls by the door... dunno if that is specific to this Rita's or if all of them do that.)

Posted on: Tue, 09/11/2007 - 9:47am
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Quote:Originally posted by VariegatedRB:
Are they every actually [b]closed[/b] during the fall and winter? We now live a few hours from one, and we may make a trip for the experience at some point.

Posted on: Tue, 09/11/2007 - 8:29pm
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It depends- some stay open all year. The ones I have been visiting close in October and open in March. One that we visited in a nearby town that has indoor space said they might stay open this year. Last summer was their first year and business was slow... this summer, they have been busier. I'm going to have to stop there next time I am out that way and see what their plans are!
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Posted on: Tue, 09/11/2007 - 9:36pm
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The one closest to to us is in a mall, so they stay open all year. The one near MIL just has a walk-up window, so they are seasonal.

Posted on: Sun, 09/16/2007 - 4:50am
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The Rita's in our area NY/NJ used to have a pistacio flavored ice? Does anyone know if they still make that flavor. We were at the Palisades Mall in NY a few weeks ago and I was so excited to see Rita's. I asked about the pistacio ice and he said they were out. I wasn't comfortable ordering anything that may have come in contact with the pistacio flavor (I didn't know when they had it last). They were young kids so I didn't even bother trying to explain. I'd love to get DD Rita's, I just have to be sure. Any suggestions?
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Posted on: Sun, 09/16/2007 - 7:06am
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According to an old thread, Rita's pistachio was artifically flavored and had no nut ingredients.

Posted on: Thu, 04/09/2009 - 10:46am
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It looks like Rita's now has cross-contamination warnings for all the toppings and a handful of flavors - are people still comfortable eating there?


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