ridiculous radio host...need help!

Posted on: Thu, 05/29/2008 - 5:14am
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so my husband was listening to a national radio talk show host this morning who was lamenting the "peanut-free" ballgame idea. not a whole park, mind you, just a [i]section[/i]. (we're so greedy, aren't we?) my husband was infuriated with his commentary and called in. the host said that peanut allergy and anaphylaxis and all that goes with it is "propaganda" !!

can you believe it? whose cause am i furthering by hoping my son doesn't die from a peanut??

anyway, my husband is trying to gather some statistics of how many deaths there actually are from peanut allergy anaphylaxis. i'm doing some research myself, but thought you all might be able to help. this radio host doesn't think anyone has EVER died from peanut allergy!

dennisprager.townhall.com if you sign up you can listen to broadcasts. it's titled: no peanuts at the ballgame

Posted on: Thu, 05/29/2008 - 5:37am
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This thread is under the reactions stories section of this board.
This is in response to an article in Harpers Magazine on faan
here are some other links for media
If you let us know what talk show host, I would love to send him an email.

Posted on: Thu, 05/29/2008 - 5:43am
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thank you for the links. i'll check them out right now.
my husband was so upset after talking to him, i couldn't really tell who he said it was. dennis somebody, i think? when he gets home i'm going to ask him to tell me more about his conversation and of course who it is. i think it would be GREAT if we could inundate him with e-mails. i bet some of his sponsers would be upset, too. well, i'll be back with more when my husband gets home.

Posted on: Thu, 05/29/2008 - 5:54am
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just talked to my husband on the phone. it was dennis prager. (?) he said that there have been no deaths from peanut allergy, especially in school. wow. i hope he doesn't have kids or grandkids who get diagnosed, he'll probably feed them a pb cup since it's all "propaganda."

Posted on: Thu, 05/29/2008 - 6:37am
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The spelling was good, Thank you. I just signed up to get the pod cast of todays show, if your husband happens to remember what hour they were discussing it, it would be easier to find, if not I will listen and then post what hour it was in. I want to listen to it before I email him. It looks like the pod cast for todays show will not be available until tonight or tomorow. I am also going to try and figure out how to send the pod cast to my allergist, FAAN and aaaai.org maybe they will respond to him also.

Posted on: Thu, 05/29/2008 - 6:42am
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Cristy! you are a force to be reckoned with! :) i didn't know i could listen to it. thanks for the information. he was in hour 2.

Posted on: Thu, 05/29/2008 - 11:03am
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Here is an article and interview on Andrew Smith:
From last month.
Take care,

Posted on: Fri, 05/30/2008 - 12:57am
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i listened to his broadcast from yesterday. it's very sad and infuriating. he didn't let my husband get a word in. as i listened i typed out my comments. they are in order to the things he and his callers say:
FIRST: It's not about health food. It's about food that doesn't cause anaphylaxis. We don't eat tofu or edamame.
SECOND: Alcoholism is initially a choice, peanut allergy is not. Fatness is initially a choice, peanut allergy is not. (I know there is more to this.)
THIRD: They are asking for a section, not a ballpark.
FOURTH: I am a republican. I don't want anyone to bend over backwards for me.
FIFTH: Breaking toys is a discipline problem, peanut allergy is not.
SIXTH: I'm sorry that it doesn't make sense to you, but maybe you should look it up more before you mock it on your show. That's responsibility.
SEVENTH: There is NOT an antidote for peanut allergy. That's not what epinephrine is.
EIGHTH: Would you like to plan on injecting your grandchild with epinephrine after his throat closes up as part of your ballgame plan?
NINTH: Sitting by someone eating non-Kosher is not likely to cause anaphylaxis. (i know there is more to this with milk allergy but it didn't relate to his comments.)
TENTH: You are very lucky to know no one who has died of peanut allergy. You should call the ones who have lost their family members and offer your heartfelt condolences.
ELEVENTH: Please call an allergist and get yourself educated on administering an epi-pen.
TWELVTH: Tell me one ball park that doesn't offer a shady spot, available for anyone even those with sun allergies or heat aversion.
THIRTEENTH: I'm sorry that you are clumsy on your airplane trips, maybe you should try an injection of epinephrine before you stand up. Remember how easy you said it is to do? Maybe it will help....
FOURTEENTH: At the end of your discussion on this, you switched it to banning peanuts in schools. I thought we were supposed to stay on topic. It's about a small section at a ballpark, so EVERYONE can go to a game worry-free.
i want to do more, but am very discouraged right now. if any of you listen, let me know what you think.

Posted on: Fri, 05/30/2008 - 4:25am
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please get his email address and post it. Let's let him know how we feel!

Posted on: Fri, 05/30/2008 - 6:19am
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i'll email him today. i've posted comments to both the radio broadcast as well as his blog.

Posted on: Fri, 05/30/2008 - 1:12pm
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thanks for the post... I listened to some of the radio cast.. It really just showed his ignorance of a true food allergy is!


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