Rice Syrup

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Can anyone suggest a safe rice syrup. I want to use it to make granola bars. I noticed it is in nothin'nutty bars. I am trying to make my own since we eat so many of them so quickly, it ends up costing a fortune to buy them. Thanks.

On Mar 17, 2006

We use Lundberg's, no I haven't called. We've used it for years with no problems. Try Perky's Nutty Rice in your granola bars, I did the same thing, although with no recipe, they came out very gooey, but good, similar to NoNuttin. If you perfect it, please post. I also wonder if it would work with maple syrup, sounds yummy anyways.

On Mar 18, 2006

did you think of trying honey or corn syrup.

On Mar 18, 2006

We tried honey, gives a very distinct taste to them, much more powerful than the honey taste in commercial granola bars, we did not care for it. Corn syrup might be an option, even melted marshmallows, sort of a rice krispie style treat maybe?

On Mar 18, 2006

yes i was thinking melted sugar in water, like a simple syrup, or carmel. the butter and marshmallows would be good too. i just thought that she wanted healthful options??