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I am certain that my PA daughter had a reaction to kellogs rice krispie treats (in the blue package). Has anyone else had problems with this? Should I notify the company? Does anyone have their contact info.? Thank you for your help!

On Feb 14, 2002

Sorry to hear about your daughter's reaction. Keep her away, obviously, from those treats. Rice Krispies now makes the peanut butter rice krispie treats and probably some cross contamination occurred. I wish they wouldn't have to make the peanut butter variety in everything!

Good luck!

On Feb 14, 2002

I called Kellog's to ask about this product, and they assured me that if there was any possibility of cross-contamination, they would label for it. But (if I recall correctly -- it has been quite a while since the conversation) they don't use separate equipment or a separate facility, etc., so I decided not to use the product. Rice Krispie treats are easy enough to make on my own, so it wasn't that big a deal, except that the pre-packaged ones would have been more convenient for travelling. Oh, well.

I've been less than happy with Kellog's for a while, anyway, since my son was reacting to Fruit Loops. (It turned out that their corn was contaminated with soy, which my son is allergic to, and they weren't labelling for it until more recently, after we'd already stopped using the product.)


On Mar 4, 2002

I try to avoid any product that has a "peanut version", e.g. Kelloggs rice krispies, the snack crackers with cheese. My thinking is that there is a chance of cross-contamination, whether labelled as such or not. There are many alternatives that are peanut free, so I just choose one of those.

On Mar 20, 2002

The answer to your question is really what your comfort level is. I have called Kellogs and have had lengthy discussions with them i.e. cross-contamination because of their pb treats. As mentioned above I was 100% assured that if there was any chance of even a minute possibility of x-contamination it would be labeled. My son is 9 1/2 diagnosed at 2yrs. Rice crispy treats are one of the very few treats he has since almost all of the other cookies are out of the question. Dealing with this allergy for 7 years and I find it hard to eliminate something from his very short list of "safe" foods that you really need to find your comfort level. I don't know how old your children are but I have found that since I am one of the "old-timers" my personal "comfort zone" is not as severely strict as when I first found out. We are still EXTREMELY strict but with a large company like Kellogs, I feel very comfortable with their assurance. A few months ago there was a discussion similar to this about Quaker products (do a search, found under Introduce yourself etc...). I was able to get a representative from Quaker to post on this web-site which was unprecedented. No other company has posted here.

Any way, follow your gut instincts and find your own personal comfort-level. You can make yourself crazy with this stuff. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img]

Blessings to you and good luck! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img] Fran

On May 1, 2002

Was the rice crispie treat Kellogs? I ask because I know that the (Little Debbie brand?) sold at Walmart (the cheap $1.29 box) contains peanut flour. I'm so glad I read the box.

On May 17, 2002

Peanut flour? What on earth does anyone need with that? They better not start making that in plants with other flour. It's bad enough having to make everything from scratch. I don't think I'm ready to start growing my own wheat and thrashing it or whatever.

Sorry. Just venting.

On May 17, 2002

I think the Canadian rice krispie treats are fine. In fact, I recently saw them labelled with a yellow warning that said "nut-free" on it..

as well, the Canadian mini Kit Kats now have the label "nut-free" on them too.

On May 18, 2002

You might also want to watch out for other people's homemade rice krispy treats...It is common practice, at least in Indiana, to put Peanut Butter in your homemade Rice Krispy treats.

Just wanted to warn you all! Lea

On May 6, 2003

I called Kellog today to double check on the safety of Rice Krispie Treats. They gave me the standard line about labeling if there were any chance of cross contamination. What was new is the information that they stopped making the peanut butter ones 2 or 3 months ago. I suppose this means there is less chance of cross contamination, but I did not ask about what else is made in that factory on on theat equipment.