Rice Dream anyone?

Posted on: Sat, 11/22/2003 - 2:28am
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Joined: 05/03/2003 - 09:00

We have recently had to switch rice milks due to distributor issues, anyone here use Rice Dream? How comfortable are you with it and have you ever had a problem with it? I searched some of the old stuff but didn't really find anything current. Thanks.

Posted on: Sat, 11/22/2003 - 2:54pm
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My son has been drinking rice dream and soy dream for 2 years with no problems. I used to talk to a women named Susan in customer service who was very helpful and knowledgable. Unfortunetly, the last couple of times I called I haven't been able to get her and noone seems to know who she is. I have a feeling they were bought by another company. Susan told me that once in a while there is something with I think almonds or walnuts run on the same line, but that they have very stringent cleaning practices. My son is not allergic to either of those tree nuts so I can't say for sure about them. In case your child is allergic to milk like mine is, Susan also told me that the soy and rice dream in the boxed packages (32 oz)that are stored at room temperature are run on lines that do not have any dairy products run on them. She told me not to use the rice and soy dream that is in the refrigerated section because they are not run on dairy free lines. Also, don't use the 8 oz boxed rice dream because that is not run on dairy free lines. When I called about the 8oz boxes I could not get Susan and was told that they were safe. I called again and this time I was told that they are not run on dairy free lines.

Posted on: Sat, 11/22/2003 - 9:51pm
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Joined: 12/27/2002 - 09:00

A few months back, I was lookinginto Rice Dream. Their website says it is peanut bree. But, when I called to confirm this, the guy said that it "may not be run on peanut free lines." I was very disappointed because I really need a non-dairy, non-soy milk.

Posted on: Sat, 11/22/2003 - 10:12pm
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Joined: 05/03/2003 - 09:00

Thank you for your help. Although it certainly seems like it's not perfect, it seems I'm stuck with it. The kids are enjoying it, and although they are a bit "milk intolerant", they can have some without any problem so I thought those little drink box things were great for outings, it's good to know though so maybe we'll be in a position to give someone else a head's up someday.
I really don't think the kids are TN allergic, we used several breads and cookies before PA that were almost guaranteed to be TN contaminated. Obviously we avoid TN as well as PN now but I guess I won't worry too much about the errant almond milk run on the lines. You'd think these companies would get a clue and keep nuts/soy/dairy/rice at least off each other's lines. To my knowledge most people drink these products for a reason like allergies or intolerances, I know of nobody who buys rice milk just because they like it.

Posted on: Sun, 11/23/2003 - 9:41am
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there is an almond flavoured rice dream so I would expect contamination there.
We drink the chocolate rice dream and the kids go crazy on it.
So far no reactions.

Posted on: Sun, 11/23/2003 - 12:10pm
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We have been using Rice Dream for almost a year. Megan loves it. She drinks the regular and sometimes I mix in a little of the chocolate with it. She is almost 2 years old. I have heard the same thing about the refrigerated having possible cross-contamination with milk. We don't use it, since Megan is allergic to milk.
I actually switched brands early on, and had to switch back because Megan started spitting the other brand up. I couldn't link any ingredient--and never thought of any cross-contamination. Makes me wonder....


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