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As my daughter was eating her cereal with Rice Dream, she told me mom something is in my rice milk. It was what looked to be a piece of chocolate, maybe carob since they make chocolate rice milk. Anyone have problems with this company? I know they have a lot of recalls with their ice creams, but I don't remember any for their milk. Should I call them? It looks almost like a carob or chocolate chip. She has been drinking this milk for probably two years. She did not have any reaction thank goodness.


On Jan 1, 2004

You might want to give them a call. Long ago I was told that all of their shelf-stable containers were processed on the same line. This was a problem for us as they do lots of soups, etc. as well as soy milk in these containers. I was also told that another company ran a product containing almonds on the line once every 6 months or so.

But if I recall correctly I've seen posts since where others have gotten different information. Since I haven't called in two years, I don't know if my information was incorrect at the time or has just become stale. The point became moot for us as they use barley protein in the processing of the Rice Dream rice milk and DS reacted to it. So I never bother to follow up to get the 'real' scoop.

On Jan 5, 2004

Did anyone notice on their website they list products that are peanut free? [url="http://www.imaginefoods.com"]www.imaginefoods.com[/url]

I wrote to them about their cross contamination issues and will post when I find out.


On Mar 4, 2004

mom2nicki - Did you ever hear back from Rice Dream? I emailed them, but am still waiting for a reply.

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On Mar 4, 2004

Unfortunately, no response to my email. Let us know if you hear anything.

On Mar 28, 2004

reraising to go along with Safe Rice milk post...