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anyone use goya rice. ive been using minute rice by kraft. what do people use?

On Aug 1, 2005

We use plain rice and Brown rice,not that my pa eats it, very picky eater.

When it comes to pre-packaged food the less on the ingreditents list the better. HTH

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On Aug 1, 2005

what brands do you buy?

On Aug 1, 2005

Lundberg Farms -- the two pound bags -- white, brown, long-grain, short-grain. Almost always the organic versions.


On Aug 1, 2005

Dealing with PA only, not having contacted a manufacturer, I buy Uncle Ben's or another brand I cannot remember the name of. Just plain white rice.

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On Aug 1, 2005

We use Botan, Nishiki and Homai, which are Japanese style Calrose rice.

DH and I jokingly call Minute Rice a "rice like product". I keep a box of it in our disaster supplies.

On Aug 1, 2005

yes i love sticky japanese rice. the one i use to use has nut warning on it. any safe sushi rice out there? emailed a couscous company today also and am waiting to hear back.

On Aug 1, 2005

Well, dd rarely eats it, and I have not called, but Uncle Ben's brown(regular and instant brown) and sometimes Uncle Ben's white. I prefer basmati(and I love sticky asian rices), but keep to the major brand for now in case of offering it to dd, and dh prefers UB(he hates sticky rice). becca

On Aug 1, 2005

Canadian specific, Uncle Ben's Natural Select Garlic & Butter

On Aug 1, 2005

Here is a web site for goya rice!!


On Aug 2, 2005

called them today and left a voice mail. havent heard back via email yet either