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Hello all,

I was wanting to find a safe rice. Does any one know if Minute rice or uncle bens plain rice is safe for PA/TNA. I have emailed both companys and have not recieved a responce. Thanks for the help.

On Feb 28, 2004

I am sitting here at the computer eating a bowl of Minute Rice...I am PA and never had a problem with it and I eat it all the time.

There have been other threads on here about safe rice...

On Feb 28, 2004

I am severely peanut/walnut allergic and I eat Minute Rice (the instant whole grain brown rice) all the time. I love it cooked with a chicken (or beef) bullion cube (one cube per cup of water).


On Feb 28, 2004

We use Uncle Ben's instant rice all the time with no problem for our 7yr old tn/pn allergic daughter.

On Mar 1, 2004

We use Uncle Ben's instant brown rice or Minute brown rice without a problem.