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When dd was first diagnosed w/ severe peanut allergies at about 2yrs of age her allergist armed us with alot of info and epi pens. He followed up with us a couple times to see how well we were managing and then said unless we had any problems he would see us after dd's fourth birthday to re-test and get prepared before she started school. I cant believe that time is already here. We have been lucky enough to not have an exposure thus far. We are suppose to follow up with the allergist October 4th. Couple of weeks. Her first test was a skin test now I am a bit concerned about doing another skin test as this would be an exposure right? The thing that we have tried to prevent from happening the past two years.... So my question is have any of you re-tested if so what kind of test? How did it go. This has really been weighing on my mind we didnt have the rast test when she was first diagnosed... Would it be better to do that instead?

On Sep 17, 2006

My PA/TNA son was retested at 4 with a RAST test. We don't expect to have him retested again for quite a few more years -- unless we need to for his school. The only skin test he had was when he was around 2 when they were determining what all he was allergic to. My guess is that for him, the blood test will just standard procedure for what is suggested.

If you are feeling nervous about going to the allergist, why not call them and ask about what they have planned for your daughter. They should be able to tell you if they plan on doing a test that day, and if so, what test they have in mind. If they are doing a skin test, instead of a blood test(RAST), question them about it.

On Sep 18, 2006

My son was dx at 18 months with his peanut allergy. This June he was tested via oral challenge at the hospital, at age 4 1/2, and failed as soon as the pb touched his lips. For some reason our allergy specialist isn't big on the RAST so Elijah has never had it done. I do worry now about the re-exposure to the peanuts as his first reaction took much longer to come on, and was to an entire pb sandwich... this time it was immediate with just a trace of pb. It concerns me and I will most likely never consent to it again. I would definitely discuss the RAST option in great detail before consenting to another skin test.

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On Sep 18, 2006

Me? I would do a RAST with peanut and NOT SPT. It an exposure IMO.

YMMV, of course, but Caitlin will NEVER have a SPT for peanut... Shes the typical IgE child, reacts positively to ALL that we RAST.


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On Sep 18, 2006

Question , I am not familiar with this RAST what does it stand for , my allergist has never used this term. Good luck with the re-test, my(younger) daughter failled her second skin test at the same age and point, I too wondered about it as an exposure?? I did have hope that she would outgrow it , but maybe in the future , lets hope. My older daughter after eating peanut butter after the age of three mentioned her throat was itchy so we just stayed away from nuts and peanuts, that was 5 years ago and she was just tested and is not allergic and they even pricked real peanut butter into her skin and nothing, we are very thankful, only one child with PA in this house , not that we would ever give her peanuts or nuts but its good to know she is safe and my husband and I have given up all nuts and peanuts at all times. Sorry to ramble. Again good luck.

On Sep 18, 2006

Personally, I haven't had a reaction in about 20 years. I thought I may have outgrown, but I didn't want the exposure if I hadn't outgrown, like you. I had a RAST, and it was low enough I felt it was worth it to SPT. My hive came back about the size of a quarter, absolutely massive. After, I was afraid that the SPT had "alerted" my body somehow, like it reminded my body that, 'hey, you should be reacting to stuff like this' and I would become contact sensitive, but since then, I haven't been more sensitive. Things have been status quo since the test and I still haven't had a reaction. It was...2 years ago maybe?

So while the SPT *is* an exposure, it's not a huge one. I'd recommend doing the RAST first, and then the SPT if the RAST is low or zero. If you're still uncomfortable with it at that point, I believe it was csc who, when her son was retested for allergies, had the doc just put the serum on his back, without the prick. So you can try doing this and only doing the prick if no hive comes up from just the serum.

On Sep 18, 2006

Our allergist told me that the stick test is only on the surface and does not get in the blood stream. We had the RAST as well and will draw blood every summer to watch the values and if they go up. If the dr. wants to do the stick test every year I would do that as well. I don't believe that exposes any danger to you like the food challenge. If Sean's numbers are low in 3 years we will do the food challenge.

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