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For those of you who have yesterday's Toronto Star (Thursday, November 9), please look in the "Letters" section on page A41. I could not find it on-line.

For those who don't have it or can't access it, a parent wrote a response titled "Banning peanuts unfair". She goes on to say that her son will only eat peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, and peanut butter is her only protein solution. She resents the fact that her son's school has a no peanut directive, and suggests that maybe these children should be 'segregated for the luncheon period'. It goes on from there with other questions and obviously uneducated statements.

My blood pressure is still up.

On Nov 10, 2000

It's at times like these when I don't miss getting The Toronto Star every day! I know I would still be very upset. No, no matter how well written an article and how informative, there will ALWAYS be people that say that that is the only protein their child will eat, yadda yadda. Well, feed them their big protein meal at home - breakfast or dinner, as far as I'm concerned. Then, when the bring in the argument that low income automatically = pb sandwich, I'm about to throttle them! No, Adam's Mom, now as your blood pressure slowly returns to "normal", remember that this will always be, for whatever reason, a "contentious" issue and simply thank heaven your child isn't going to school with her child (unless they are!). I am absolutely agreeing with you and just simply glad that I can't actually see it. Thank-you for telling us it wasn't on the internet because I'd be in there looking and when I saw it it would make even my low blood pressure rise.

Did The Star print any letters to-date responding favourably to the article? I just put a little post in on the computer site when I initially read the article on-line. I really think they should balance it out with a positive letter as they usually tend to do. Maybe this week-end? Best wishes! [img][/img]