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Hi all, The Food Allergy Network has posted under its research section that 2 centers, National Jewish and Mt Sinai are recruiting adults to with peanut allergy for a study with Anti-IgE injections. So that is good news! Anti-IgE was developed for asthma, to block the effects of IgE and is in clinical trial for that as well. So this is good news.

Clinical trials are studies done to identify the toxicity, dosage and efficacy of a new drug. There are 3 phases, one is for toxicity and side effects, with dosage escalation. Two, is efficacy,or how well it works at different dosages and three compares to standard therapies. Of course, clinical trials are done in adults first. This will take time, and there can be many unexpected turns, but this is good news. So Congratulations and thanks to National Jewish and Mt. Sinai!

On Jun 8, 1999

Barb, Your note just made my heart sing!! [img][/img] It is so encouraging to hear that trials are being done soon. My little fellow is only 21 months old and I realize I need to accept his condition and learn to live life with the allergy. I always seems to keep a hope in the back of my head that a vaccine will come along and stop the Anaphylaxis reaction - I would gladly welcome a running nose and itchy eyes if that was the extent - I would love to hear from others if you find yourself like me praying for the cure instead of resigning myself to accepting it. Another note: It is funny but my husband is the one in the family who is not focusing on reading everything on the research being done instead he is really good at grounding me when I start up with the "what ifs..?" I guess balance is good.

Take Care Rhonda

On Jun 8, 1999

Barb and Rhonda My tears are every where, thank you for giving us a little more hope with that information. My little guy is now 10, and it seems to get harder not easier to live with this. I have almost lost him several times and....well now we do all the right things...I took him out of school this past year and home schooled...he suffered more socially being alone....he wants to go back...My prayers are that they find a miracle soon before more are lost from this bizzare allergy...I pray that others will understand the severity of it.....I would love to have a support group in my area so if anyone is from West Palm Beach area please let me know....these kids need to know they are not alone.....This network has been a dream come true...

------------------ Lou Anne Caputo

On Jun 8, 1999

It is me again...I read in the New York Post today that Nancy Sinatra's ex husband died at a private dinner party from a MD who gave him CPR he had just finished eating peanuts and had them still on his breath and the oils on his mouth....This is just another example of the severity....

On Jun 8, 1999


My husband came home today telling me about the husband of Nancy Sinatra. He has heard the story on Paul Harvey's radio show. Evidently, the gentleman had choked and was receiving CPR from the Doctor who had recently eaten peanuts. As my husband and I were talking, the only positive thing about this story is that evidently this gentleman had lived to a ripe old age with the peanut allergy. I know we are all hoping for the same.

Good luck and Stay Safe, Debbie

On Jun 8, 1999

Here is the link for the FAN research projects. [url=""][/url] Anybody out there 18 - 60 who wants to participate? Also on that page is the Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy Registry. You can participate even if you are not a member of FAN. ------------------ Mary Kay

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On Jun 8, 1999

What great news Barb! We live in Canada so I hope that it will affect us also. I am new to this website, you all seem like such wonderful people and it is so nice that we can all share our concerns and thoughts about this allergy. Our son is only 2 years old and like Rhonda I have also prayed for some kind of vaccine like this. Take Care

On Jul 14, 1999

Mary, Astrid and Patti,

Here is the thread you were looking for on the Nancy Sinatra story posted by Lou Anne.

Stay Safe.