Research at Mt. Sinai?

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We live in Central NJ and are probably 1 hr away from Mt Sinai in NYC where Dr. Sampson is.

I know that the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute has research dollars from NIH to do some work in PA. But i dont see much mention here about folks participating in any studies in NYC.. (mainly its Dr. Burks/Duke research)

Does anyone here see Dr. Sampson or his colleagues? I'm wondering what the best way to stay informed of research opportunities near me.. thx!

On Nov 28, 2006

My DD sees Dr. Sampson. She is now 6 and we started when she was 4. We participated in the research that took blood samples, and then uses the technique called microarray. This is supposed to help us see if her IgE reacts to how many kinds of peanut proteins, and the more it reacts- they think the more severe reaction one will have.

Unfortunately, he has had problems with the assay and has been unable to tell us anything, for about 18 months now.

THey are working on the Chinese Herbal formula, and hoping to start a trial in human soon- first will be adult (probably for a year or so to establish safety), then in kids. THe herbs work in mice by blocking anaphylaxis reaction. I think he is also working on a vaccine by altering some of the peanut protein.

He is very nice and very knowledgable. In a way, our life hasn't changed much since we see him (still take usual precaution with no reactions so far), but like you, I would like to stay informed. I think Duke probably has more progress in terms of clinical trial.

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On Dec 2, 2006

I was in Dr. Sampson's Tanox, anti-IgE study for 5 years in addition to seeing him in the outpatient clinic for a few years. Dr. Sampson is extremely knowledgable about all things allergy/ immunologically related (although food allergy is definitely his specialty). He's a great person to see for complicated cases because he is very good at looking at the big picture and provides a comprehensive evaluation.

As for research studies, he has many ongoing studies involving blood draws. Sinai was a site in the Xolair study however, this study has been postponed until furhter notice due to safety issues. They do a lot of food challenges (as part of clinic research) and I believe he's been working an immunotherapy protocal for peanut allergy which would involve altering the peanut protein in the injection to make it less allerginic (thus lessening the risk of anaphylaxis). Dr. Sampson and his team are also working on a collaborative proect with Psychiatry investigating the psycho-social impact of having food allergy/ anaphylaxis.

I think the best way to find out more about the current studies would be to actually contact the office - 212-241-5548(the phone number you call to make an appontment).


However, as Sirimon mentioned, seeing Dr. Sampson will probably not change anything in the day-to-day management at this point.

On Dec 2, 2006

Here's another link that might be helpful... [url=""][/url]