Relative just tested 4+..eats pb all the time!

Posted on: Wed, 07/28/2004 - 12:01am
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My 27 year old cousin had been ill with sinus trouble very frequently so she decided to get allergy tested. She tested 4+ on peanuts, peacans, coconut & tons of other foods! She consumes them all the time! When Luke had his pa I wouldn't even visit her house because her kids ate it ALL the time, & so does she!!
She was just tested on MOnday, & she has avoided them since, but has anyone ever heard of being a 4+ & still being able to eat peanuts?
Also, 4 pa cousins, that's a strong family history!

Posted on: Wed, 07/28/2004 - 12:09am
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I wonder... if she tested so high because she has peanuts and nuts in her system and her body is working overtime trying to fend off the attack. Peanut allergies are so unpredictable... one can have a mild reaction and then the next touch of a peanut can be life threatening.
I hope she learns how to keep herself safe quickly.

Posted on: Wed, 07/28/2004 - 1:53am
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I also wonder if it wasn't the test itself. There are a ton of different scales for these things so that a 4 on one test means mildly reactive while another might call that off-the-charts.
Interesting about the relationship to the sinus troubles. I had food allergies as a kid to citrus fruit and have mild eczema. DH has shellfish allergy (getting worse all the time :-( and he won't carry an epi-pen). We both have chronic sinus trouble. Mine isn't as bad as DH. His is terrible. Last catscan in Boston showed infection in all 9 sinus cavities. He would have had surgery if a huge/lengthy dose of antibiotics didn't clear it.
Anyway, keep pushing him to get tested. Wonder if it isn't more than that. Know every issue isn't food related but since there is history there anyway...

Posted on: Wed, 07/28/2004 - 9:25pm
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Ryan's allergist has several patients that have tested VERY highly positive on a RAST, and yet they still consume the suspect allergenic foods with no problems.
So I'm thinking, "But they still carry an epipen, don't they???" Ya never know!

Posted on: Wed, 07/28/2004 - 11:07pm
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My son austin is allergic to peanuts...had one anaphylactic episode at 9 months old. that has been his only one, and we have made sure that peanut has been strictly avoided in his diet and environment. Peanut has been removed from our house and we all stopped consuming it. His RAST has gone from an 8.79 to a 3.36? to a 4.16 over the last 3 years. his skin prick at 9 months was a 3+ and we have not had him pricked again. a child, my mom tells me that the dr. told her to keep me away from peanuts. 30 years ago we didn't know what we know today; and eventually i was consuming them...and had no obvious problems. Recently I was skin and RAST tested at the allergist office...Felt like I had a problem with tree nuts. Peanut came up a 4++ on my skin prick and RAST'd at 4.5 ish. I can still eat peanut, but recently noticed that I develop a dry patch of eczema on my hand -the same spot- every time I consume peanut. I am now avoiding it and waiting to see if the eczema subsides//... and yes, i too carry an epi pen. ..............
This allergy is such a mystery.....

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