Rejected from football camp

Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 12:07am
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Against my worries I signed my peanut allergy son up for a local all day football camp.He really wanted to go . I spoke to the camp director who is the local high school football coach. He said that they had kids with allergies before. He said that the other kids bring lunch which can include peanut butter. I said I would take him home for lunch. He said they had the trainer from high school there

ok so I send in application and money. Last week I get a call from the coach saying the trainer wasnt comfortable having my son there.
WHY? I said thought u had kids with PA before he said yeah but he was older and he didnt have asthma ......huh? so I was nice and so ok if he doesnt feel comfortable holding an spi what can I do? hung up with him.

So my dh decides that we/he will stay all day at camp ( 6hours for 5 days) just so son can go to the camp

I call camp back...he tells me let me talk to trainer and my insurance...then says something about kids coming from all over ....

so today he calls me and the first words out of his mouth...its bad news my insurance says I shouldnt take him

omg I blew up I went on a tangent

I said basically thats discrimination....what do the kids from other towns have to do with it...your trainer sucks

his answers i dont feel like its discrimination ( uh i dont care how you feel it is)
reason other kids matter ... because they arent all from this town and if they were he can send a letter about no nuts ( have you heard of a little thing called the US POST OFFICE!!! and I never asked you to do that I was taking him out for lunch and staying all day long anyway!)

Trainer ...hmm lets see I said he should be able to handle this just by nature of his job coach said that he wasnt comfortabe with asthma so i said i find that hard to believe so he says no not asthma the ...I said what?? the allergy he said no we handle allergies before the peanuts...i said thats an allergy...he said well its airborne..

WHOA BACK UP when did i say it was airborne?

I just assumed

you assumed wrong i wouldnt be sending him if it were... and again I went into the fact that i was taking him out for lunch and staying all day ..

he agrued with me some more over some stupid points and again I brought up discrimmantion and disabilty act ( I dont even know if i am right with this?)

so he gets all nasty and says OK he can come

SO i said "uh no not now.. but good luck with your camp and hung up

do you think I did the right thing? I am so annoyed I feel bad cause ds wanted to go but it was like torture

am I even right about the disabilty thing?

I asked him if they discriminate againt all kids with disablities

I wish I werent such a hothead i guessI could have handled that better but it just burnt me...

Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 12:29am
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Hi Patsmommy,
How frustrating! Yes, wouldn't it be great if people would be willing to just do the right thing for our kids. Is the person you spoke with the supervisor of the program? See who he answers to.
Just a few more questions.
1)who is sponsoring this camp (school, recreation dept, or private)?
2) Who is the supervisor? I don't think that the trainer can decide who may attend. If he is uncomfortable with the epi-pen, there needs to be another option.
3) Where is the location? If at a school with other camps going on, they may have a nurse or if it is in a park, there may be an EMT hired to be at the camp.
Even if they are not comfortable treating your son medically, they should not be able to reject him if he has somebody to act in that position (your husband).
Good luck
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Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 12:39am
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omg the coach just called me back......he was like i am willing to work with you...
so he is sending a letter to all the campers saying there will be a kid with a peanut allergy and pleae do not send in peanut related products to camp
he said i really want you son there...
he said u dont have to stay all day we will work it out we will talk and work it out i think i may still stay all day
naturesmom it is a private camp but held at the local high school
hmmm what do u think happen? it was about an hour in between phone calls? do u think he felt bad or he looked something up ?

Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 12:54am
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He probably changed his tune because he found out he was breaking the law. If it is a private camp it is covered by the Americans With Disabilities Act (the ADA). By law they have to take him and provide reasonable accomodations.
He was right about the airborne thing, though. Peanut allergy can become airborne at any time. Just because your ds has not had an airborne reaction doesn`t mean he never will. The coach sounds like a smart guy. He knows way more about how serious pa is than most teachers dd has had.

Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 3:21am
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I had a similar problem. I called regarding a Giants sponsored football camp for my son. It is the first year for this camp. The person I spoke with said that there were many trainers on site etc. and that I would need to fill out medication forms.
I sign him up online, pay $350 for this week long camp. They send me the medical forms and it says all over the place that they can not administer and medications.
I called again and spoke with a very nice man who said that he is so sorry, but no they cannot administer any meds including epi pen. That my son is welcome, but he will need to be responsible to self inject etc. if necessary.
I asked if there was any precautions for lunchtime, like handwashing, area for pn free eating etc. No facilities for handwashing. I asked if they would at least "hold" his meds so that if he needed them, they were accessable. They will not do that either.
The guy was very nice, kept saying our insurance disallows us from administering meds etc.
So, I asked for a refund and got it. They did not say he couldn't attend though.
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Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 3:42am
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If it is a private camp, they should have a nurse on staff, I'd find that out for sure. It would be discrimination if your son couldn't participate just based on an opinion about his health. If the coach is questionable, they will have a doctor sign a may go ahead and get that just to show he is fine to play. My asthmatic/pa/ta/ea son plays flag football in the fall, never has he had a problem. Good luck, if your son wants to play I think you can win this one!!
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Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 4:49am
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It is illegal for them to say yes we will take your child but refuse to administer epi. You can call the Justice Department to confirm this. Their phone number is on this board---you just have to search for it. There was a lawsuit over a preschool called La Petite that said they would take a child with life threatening food allergies but not give epi, they would only call 911. There was a large settlement in favor of the family. This is basically the same thing. Private preschools and private summer camps both fall under the ADA. It is illegal for them to refuse to administer epi, as that amounts to denying him the same access as the other kids. He cannot safely attend unless someone is trained to administer epi.

Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 4:58am
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Carefulmom is right. Summer camps are subject to the ADA. For more information see the DOJ website:

Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 6:06am
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Blatant violation of the ADA going on here. I'm amazed with so many food allergies out there now anyone could still be this in the dark when they work with children. Scary.

Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 8:37am
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Yes--it is illegal, and I think you should try to work with the football camp on this, although I do think if your DH can stay the first couple of days (all days even), that would be a good thing.
I also think it pays not to get emotional. I'm not trying to offend you, and getting emotional may be what worked for you in this case, but in the future, explaining the facts in a straightforward manner should get you pretty far with this guy from the the way he comes across in your post.
I had to work with a DOJ ADA Specialist in a summer camp situation for my DS one year, adn it was not safe for him that year to attend that specific camp. I wrote a letter and gave copies of the ADA handout to key board and staff members, including the board president and executive director, as well as the board member responsibile for educational programs and the staff member responsible for them. I highlighted key sections. They contacted their attorney who reviewed the law. Their attorney contacted me, as did their board president. The next year it was an extremely safe place for my son and another PA child who attended. And the year after that. [img][/img]
So persist--if you can keep your child safe. It could pay off and benefit others.

Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 9:52am
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McCobbre When I was on the phone the 3rd time with him I was trying to explained it nicely but he wasnt hearing it so yeah I got annoyed.I am not diplomatic I have a short fuse...When we hung up I regretted getting hot with him ...I wasnt that bad but not nice either...I was going to print out some info for him on ADA after coming here and getting some facts and send them to him with a letter explaining everything....however he called me back within the hour
My dh will definilty go the first day and stay all day, then I think day 2 and 3 my fil will go and I will go day 4 and 5...unless we see that its safe for him. Remember I havent spoken to the supposed trainer yet either.
in the end I guess it worked out because he was a nice guy and he called back and he sai dhe wants to work with us. I guess he could have been like what a witch about me and not bothered.


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