red bumps/rashes in the palm of hands


Hi, my 3 year-old develops red and bumpy rashes on the palm of her hands and between fingers (only) She has peanut allergy and we are extremely careful from food to lotion...etc. She does not appear to be sick and a visit to the doctor did not help (not hand foot and mouth disease.) Some people think it could be an allergic reaction, but my experience tells me not so, they do not look like hives (but more like eczema) and will not go away with any allergy med, topical or oral benadryls. It's almost a week and it gets worst compare with few days ago. It's my understanding if it's contact reaction, it should clear out with benadryl, am I correct? Any input will appreciated.

By cfkjc2 on Feb 9, 2009

cathlina, ah, she did played with a bunch of latex balloons from a party the day before.... I did not think it could be latex allergy because it is not going away with benadryl, hmmmm, how long did you get over yours? We are seeing a dermatologist tomorrow hoping for a bottle of cream that will help clear it up.

By cathlina on Feb 9, 2009

I had this exact type of reaction from aspirin. Also, had this on my feet. Touching fiberglass also causes this type of reaction for me. Was there something on a toy that she might be allergic to?

By cfkjc2 on Feb 10, 2009

thanks, no,only gave her Benadryl that one time, which did not even help a bit, so i figure this is not it (hives) so the dermatologist said it's eczema flare up due to our extreme cold (negative temperatures a few weeks ago) and maybe some irritants from contacts as well. well, i hope this is it and the mystery solved!

By cathlina on Feb 10, 2009

I was in college in the first time when I had this type of reaction (1972) that time...Benadryl was by prescription only. It lasted for about a week and of course, I was taking aspirin (female stuff) and went to an allergist and he said he was sure was an aspirin allergy. I quit taking aspirin and it when away. He gave me some medicine but can't remember what it was.

About 10 years later, I took some aspirin...dumb old me...and my lips swelled and I had hives in my mouth. Learned my lesson.

Did you give her any Benadryl? Be careful about this, kids this small don't metabolize Benadryl very well so don't overdo Only what the doctor says.