Recommendations...Allergist in Southern NJ?


Hello All,

I just got a letter from my DS's pediatric allergist (St. Christophers in PA)and he is moving. Since I am in NJ now, I figured now was as good a time as ever to find someone that may be closer and more convenient. Any recommendations for a good pediatric allergist in the Southern, NJ area?

On Sep 7, 2007

Did you by chance see Dr. Becker at St. Christophers? He is my daughter's allergist.

On Sep 7, 2007

Yes! He has moved to an office in Willow Grove which is even further from me. Also, I just called their number yesterday and they said that the pediatric allergy section was just combined with the Pulomonology section and the main number is no longer valid...they directed me elsewhere...

How long had you been going to him? Will you follow him to Willow Grove?

On Sep 7, 2007

My daughter has been going to him for a little over a year. I switched over to his willow grove office for her last appt. We are due to see him again in Oct. I made the appt at the Ardmore office this time. How long have you been with him and how often does he have you visit?? It seems we go back every three to 4 months. Good luck in finding a new allergist. I really like Dr. Becker. It's a small world!!!