recommendations for pediatrician and allergist in Boston area?

Posted on: Thu, 07/26/2001 - 12:42pm
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I am not comfortable with our current pediatician or allergist and am wondering if anyone could make a recommendation for both. My 4 year old PA son has many environmental and food allergies, but I don't feel that our pediatrician takes that into account during visits (I had to remind him that E is PA during last visit -- never asked any questions about it at all.) Our allergist is very vague and unhelpful. Recent visit E had been experiencing mouth pain when eating certain raw fruits that he'd never had a problem with before (apples, pears). She first suggested that it was just "oral allergy" and that it was related to his severe pollen allergy. Then said if it would ease my mind to do RAST test for those fruits and others then go ahead, but warned of potential false positives. Never called back with results; I had to hound her with multiple messages over 3 weeks to hear back. When she did call, turned out his peanut scores were 3 times higher than original (done at 18 months) despite our efforts at avoiding exposure... and the kicker, his scores for APPLE, a food he eats nearly every day in some form, were higher than the original peanut score. When I said he has been eating apple sauce, apple juice, apple pie etc. with absolutely no complaint or symptom since forever, she seemed stumped. I asked if the elevated scores could have anything to do with the fact that he was experiencing severe pollen allergy symptoms at the time of the blood test; she said that had nothing to do with IgE results. I am more confused and anxious now than before the test. I don't feel like she has any answers to help us cope with daily life, and is completely unreassuring. She also knew nothing about any research or testing on peanut allergy vaccine.

Prescribed nasonex nasal spray for congested nose, Claritin liquid, and albuterol inhaler for his constant chest congestion.... Just when I think I know what I am dealing with it changes on me. I am now more worried about his environmental allergies which cause constant symptoms than the food allergy (although this may be backwards)... I feel totally unable to help him with his symptoms of constant chest congestion while I have the illusion that I can somehow protect him from the peanut/nut allergy.

Thanks for listening. It is comforting to know we aren't the only ones losing sleep over worry for our son.

Posted on: Thu, 08/02/2001 - 12:52pm
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Hello and Welcome.
My son's allergist is quite competent. He's up to date on all the latest research for the anti IGE treatment, etc. I did find that he would shoo me out of his office after only about 5 minutes. But thinking back on it, I was probably being a pain. I'd generate a list of nearly 100 (!) questions regarding PA and then rattle them off as quickly as I could to get as many answers as I could.
I belong to Neighborhood Health Plan. My son's allergist is Dr. Steven Matloff out of the Harvard Vanguard office in Somerville (Holland St., I believe).
Good luck finding a new doctor!

Posted on: Mon, 08/06/2001 - 12:01am
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Have you tried the new asthma and allergy clinic at Children's Hospital yet? They have some wonderful pediatric allergists.
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Posted on: Mon, 08/06/2001 - 2:06am
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Itsmith, where exactly are you? Actually in Boston, or in a suburb?
If you're west of Rte 128, I have a recommendation for you for a pediatrician.
Regardless of your location, for an allergist, I would check out the staff at Children's Hospital. We use one of their allergists, although we see him at Children's Lexington facility.
Good luck on your search,

Posted on: Wed, 08/22/2001 - 12:42pm
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I can't stress to you more that you must go to Childrens Hosptial allergy department. And as for finding a good pediatrician that you feel comfortable with regarding your sons allergies. Humm? My son sees an excelent pediatrician out of Watertown. Dr. Richard Kerbel on Mount Auburn Street. Even though he is excellent in all areas. He's was the first to recomend us to see an allergist @ Childrens in Boston. I respect him for having us connect with a specialist in that area. Good Luck! Susie

Posted on: Mon, 09/17/2001 - 4:28am
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If you have HVMA/ Harvard Pilgrim ins. Dr. Horan from the QCY HVMA is excellent.

Posted on: Mon, 09/17/2001 - 5:14am
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My son see's an allergist at Childrens Hospital (Boston). We see the doctor at the Lexington facility. We have also done a food challange at Childrens Hospital. Their staff is wonderful!!

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