Recomendations for Trip to NH/ Storyland


We will be taking a trip up to the White Mountains in NH and going to Storyland and other destinations in the area. Does anyone have any recommendations for safe places to eat in that area? Has anyone ever taken their PA child to Storyland and has any recommendations there? Thanks!

On May 21, 2002

I posed pretty much the same question last year, and if you search for "Storyland", you might find some of the old information.

Basically, last summer when we went, we had a hard time finding safe restaurants. We did okay at Storyland itself (although at least one of the restaurants does serve PB&Js), but dinners afterward were tough, because the restaurant choice was limited.

Basically, the traffic around North Conway was so awful that it would have taken well over an hour to just drive a couple miles down the road to look for another restaurant, and the one we stopped at, of course, had to be the one that cooked in peanut oil. Very frustrating. But we went in August, and if you're going soon, maybe you won't have the same traffic problems we had.

I'm sure there are safe restaurants in the area, and I definitely remember reading on this board about a recommendation for one of them, but we simply couldn't get to that restaurant in a reasonable amount of time.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, Debbie

On May 21, 2002

I just brought up a thread for you about North Conway on this Travel Board. If I remember correctly, the chef at the North Conway Grand Hotel that we spoke with was named Avi Deeder. I hope he's still there and he can help you.

On May 21, 2002

We are also going to storyland the weekend of June 20. We rented a condo, so we will be eating our dinners at home. I do hope, however, that we will be able to do lunch at the park. I did read a thread stating that they ate lunch at storyland without a problem. The person called them ahead of time.