recipe for no-bake cookies needed

Posted on: Sat, 08/21/1999 - 3:39am
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Does anyone have a recipe for no-bake cookies that I could use for a child who is to avoid peanut (not an anaphylactic response but supposed to avoid)? My recipe has cocoa, butter, sugar, oatmeal, salt, and peanutbutter in it. You boil the ingredients and then drop them by spoonfull on wax paper to cool. My son loves these and obviously I can't make them for him now. Thanks.

Posted on: Sat, 08/21/1999 - 10:33am
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pTerri, I haven't tried this recipe yet. I was told the cookies are /
3 cups of quick cooking oatsbr /
1 teaspoon vanillabr /
1/8 teaspoon of saltbr /
2 cups of sugarbr /
1/2 cup evaporated milkbr /
1/2 cup butterbr /
2 tablespoons of cocoabr /
Mix oats, vanilla and salt, set /
In a saucepan combine remaining ingredients and bring to a /
Stir in /
Drop by teaspoonfuls onto waxed /
I hope this recipe works for /

Posted on: Sat, 08/21/1999 - 9:40pm
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pThank you Patty. This is very similar to my recipe so I will give it a try! Terri/p

Posted on: Tue, 08/24/1999 - 1:52pm
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pHave you checked with the manufacturer of the cocoa to be sure it is safe for a peanut allergic person? Are you sure that they are aware of, understand and are addressing peanut allergy?/p
pDon't forget to ask about cross contamination possibilities!/p
p------------------br /
Stay Safe/p
p [email]"Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com"[/email]/p

Posted on: Wed, 08/25/1999 - 6:21am
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pHello Terri,br /
(everyone else please read also!)/p
pI am receiving returned e mails to you (you have asked to be notified automatically by e mail if someone replied to your post). Here is part of the e mail address which is not working it comes back as undeliverable. We also receive "undeliverable" when sending you alerts!!! Please let us know if you have a new e mail address or if you are having trouble with it, and fix your address on the boards so you will receive the e mails which you requested./p
pPlease (everyone) send in your e mail addresses and other contact information, (she is not the only one who we have received "undeliverable" for , there are about 50 people whose addresses are undeliverable which are on our alerts mail list, and they had not sent in any back up contact information so we have no way of contacting them to let them /
Don't let this happen to you! If you have not received mail from PeanutAllergy.Com in the past few months, be sure to fill out the form in full!!! We know some people are reluctant to send their information to others on the web, but hopefully you will feel comfortable with us soon and send it in. (This information is for our use only)br /
Click on this link to go to a form which you can fill out so we will have other ways to contact you (or you can send your information in a regular e mail).br /
Click here or go to this address:br /
[url=""][/url]br /
We do not want to lose you because an e mail address changes or becomes undeliverable for some reason. Having your regular mail address also allows us to alert you to local information. We also like to have everyone's phone number so we can just call you if we are having trouble e mailing you. This information saves us a lot of time and work. If we had the phone number for the address mentioned above which we receive as undeliverable we could just call to let them know we are having trouble e mailing them. Instead, we have to post to the board to find them. /p
pI hope you will take a moment to fill out the form, if you do not know if you have sent us your information you can send it again to be sure. Please fill out all the information and tell us about your allergy, (any stories etc.) in the comments box part of this form. This helps educate us as to what is going on etc. and often how we find people who are concerned or working on the same issues etc./p
pAgain, here is the link to the formbr /
Click here or go to this address:br /
[url=""][/url] /p
p------------------br /
Stay Safe/p
p [email]"Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com"[/email]/p

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