recent Midway flight

Posted on: Sat, 10/14/2000 - 7:00am
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Last Saturday I flew with my two boys (one pa one not) on Midway Airlines from Tampa to Raleigh. The reservationist noted in the computer my request to not serve peanuts/peanut products. I checked with the gate upon check-in and the guy said yes it was noted on the flight record and he would check with the personnel before we took off. I felt pretty confident, got to our seats, wiped my son's seat and all of our tray tables down with anti-bacterial towelettes (the tray tables were so dirty, the whole plane was really) and sat back to enjoy the flight. My kids were so excited. I happened to notice in the pocket in front of me the leftover bag of pretzels from the passenger before (like I said the plane was dirty). That made me feel even better. I went to the bathroom and as I came out of the bathroom I see the flight attendant giving my older son a snack pack. I asked her what was in it. She said cheese and crackers. I opened it up and yes it was crackers but with a little tub of peanut butter! Of all things! I told her about my request and that my son had reacted to smell before and she said they weren't told anything and don't have any say on the snacks served. So she went around and gave one to everybody. I was hopeful because it was a plane of almost all adults and I thought that too many wouldn't be eaten because I wouldn't even if I didn't have my son with me. What adult needs the extra calories or would even find that to be a good snack? Well just about everyone on the plane that I could see was eating theirs. It made me sick and nervous. I kept watching him and he never reacted at all. I really only caught a whif of pb a couple of times and it wasn't that strong. As we were walking off the plane one of the little spreaders given with the pb was stuck to the aisle floor with pb on it. It was such a gross plane. On the way home they served Cheez-it type crackers but it was an off brand and I read the label and it listed peanuts last and the 'manufactured in a facility...' warning. I couldn't believe it. I guess it's not always worth flying cheap.

Posted on: Mon, 10/16/2000 - 12:16am
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That's too bad. I'm glad your son didn't have a reaction and everything turned out o-k. I read in a previous post that you had a good trip! Take care. Deanna

Posted on: Wed, 10/25/2000 - 9:51am
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Lisa -- I'm going to try to copy your post about Midway & paste it as a post under the "Airline" topic too so other PA air travelers won't miss it. Thanks for telling us of your experience. Midway needs to know of your experience at the very least as it relates to the safety issues -- so let them know of your experience too! (Well, the cleanliness issue is a biggie too, but many airlines contract out their airplane cleaning & it's rarely great. . . ) EB

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