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Posted on: Wed, 02/09/2005 - 6:04am
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Since we're discussing moderating this board because of some of the negativity that stems from an unmoderated board, I thought maybe a thread on all the positives of this site might be helpful to new-ish members.

I've been visiting this site for almost a year now. I have learned SOOO much from everyone, more than I've learned from doctors.

I feel better able to protect my son from having reactions and more prepared to treat him when he has one.

I cooked a fairly decent Thanksgiving Dinner by getting recipes from this site. I've gotten a bunch of great recipes for treats.

When I've hit a rough patch, people have supported me a great deal and given advice that has been incredibly helpful. And, I've posted anything from struggling with a reaction, to dealing with family and friends who don't understand, to getting my kids to sleep through the night, and where to shop for new clothes.

Personally, I've never felt attacked by anyone.

When we made appointments to tour preschools, I read through the entire schools thread, and felt prepared to evaluate the schools and their safety.

I passed on a school where I just heard they recently had a child have a reaction(luckily the child was ok). But, I passed on that school because of the information I learned here.

I could go on and on but you'd all get way too bored. But, for me, the GOOD of this site far outweighs the bad, and when I can, I hope I'm helpful to other people [img][/img]


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