Readily available snacks, bread that is free of Peanuts/TN?


We're from Canada but travelling to Maui next week. I'm looking for a brand of snacks and especially bread and hamburger buns that are free of peanuts and tree nuts. There is a Costco, but many of the things there said 'may contain traces' when we were there last year. There is also a Safeway close to where we're staying where I think will have more mainstream brands. Last year, we were only avoiding peanuts and now we're also avoiding traces of TN.

I know Dare is awesome, and also that Kraft has good labelling. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

By gw_mom3 on Feb 25, 2009

Kraft in the US doesn't necessarily have good labeling so you may want to be careful there. Bread is pretty regional so it's hard to know what will be available there. I know that when we went out to the west coast, we found Pillsbury brand bread that was made by General Mills. Aunt Millie's labels well but I'm not sure if it would be available there. Hostess/Wonder is usually readily available-you can call them and find out the safe codes and then check every time you buy.