Read this if you are in Pennsylvania - Peanut Allergy Information

Read this if you are in Pennsylvania

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I copied this from the FAAN web site:

Senate Bill 20, entitled the Allergic Reaction Emergency Treatment Act, would allow EMTs and First Responders in the State of Pennsylvania to possess and administer epinephrine to a person suffering a severe allergic reaction. The bill is currently being sponsored by Senators Holl, Costa, Wagner, Musto, Mellow, Logan, and Lemmond, Jr. On October 2, 2001 the bill was reported favorably by the Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare, thanks largely to the support of Senator Mowery, the Committee Chair. The bill will soon be considered by the full Senate, and, if passed by the Senate, will undergo a similar process in the House of Representatives. State lawmakers pay great attention to their constituents. As a result, now is an important time to voice your support for Senate Bill 20. Doing so will help make your State Senators and Representatives aware of how crucial this piece of legislation is to the countless individuals in Pennsylvania at risk for severe allergic reactions. To find out who your particular State lawmakers are, please visit the Pennsylvania General Assembly website: [url=""][/url]