Reactions to Smell


A few months ago, I attended a presentation put on by Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto and the pharmacist told me that there are no reported cases of deaths caused by smelling peanuts or peanut butter. Now I am a bit confused as to whether someone can have an anapylactic reaction by smell. I have heard that certain PA kids feel sick from the smell of peanuts or peanut butter, but has anyone ever heard of a PA individual having a full blown anapylactic reaction to the smell of peanuts.

On Jan 30, 2002

YES. Do a search on this message board and you will get several examples. Thank God my son is not "airborne allergic".

On Jan 30, 2002

Yes, my school nurse just told me a few weeks ago about a PA doctor who wanted to commit suicide (for other reasons) and did it by opening a jar of peanut butter and smelling. I plan to ask her for some sort of a reference next time I see her.