Reactions to peanut butter cookies being baked

Posted on: Mon, 05/13/2002 - 1:34pm
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pI am very nervous as my kids are now leaving their "safe" grade school environment and moving on to middle school. When meeting with the school to begin their 504 plans I was told that the school very regularly bakes pb cookies in the cafeteria and home ec areas and that the smell permeates the building. My kids have never reacted to smelling pb sandwiches in the lunchroom but I have heard baking can be different . Has anyone had any experience with this???/p

Posted on: Mon, 05/13/2002 - 11:59pm
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I would discuss this matter with your children's allergist. If he or she believes that the aroma of baking peanut butter cookies poses a danger, then the school will have to accommodate you, i.e. eliminate the cookies from the menu, bake them during off hours, etc.

Posted on: Tue, 05/14/2002 - 1:39am
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Do they need to bake PB cookies? Why not suggest baking any of the thousands of alternate varieties?

Posted on: Tue, 05/14/2002 - 10:54pm
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I agree. I'd try to be constructive and offer concrete alternatives. What about plain old chocolate chip? My middle-school son had a brief cooking class this year in school. I sent a letter to the cooking teacher at the beginning and we had no problems, but if I had sensed resistance I would have gone in to speak with her in person. The class did make chocolate chip cookies but the teacher showed my son the ingredient list on the package of chips and the class did not use nuts, which they might have if my son weren't there. I confess that, though I love PB, the smell of PB cookies I find nauseating anyway.

Posted on: Wed, 05/15/2002 - 12:00am
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Hi TriciaGH
Our son is just leaving 8th grade from a 2 year middle school. We were also very concerned about the ms invironment after having a good relationship with his grade school.
This is what we did. I hope it gives you some ideas and helps with a smooth transition.
Our grd school principal called the ms and set up a pre-meeting for her, the nurse from the grd school, principal from the ms, ms custodian,ms cooking staff,ms block teacher, and anyone else that might be involved.
The lunch room staff were more than willing to change their menu. The custdodian said that his staff would make special effort to use a cleaning agent on doors, tables and floors etc. The block teacher and other teachers in his area were taught how to use the epi. The nursing staff and office created a wonderful plan for Davids safty.
I guess what I'm saying here is that a great pre-plan followed by continued communication really worked for us. We also contacted the Superintenant and Special Services Dept. of our district at regular times to let them know how things were going, good and bad. I've recieved wonderful notes from the Superintendant of our District. I know he really cares about Davids safty and education.
So I hope this helps. You can e-mail me if you would like more detailed info. about our 504 or whatever.

Posted on: Wed, 05/15/2002 - 1:35pm
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our school offered to stop baking peanut butter cookies, the only peanut containing food item they had on the menu for regular lunches. (however, they still continue to serve a peanut butter sandwich to kids who are behind on lunch payments, DUH?!?!?!?) still, i was pleased that they offered (at the nurse's suggestion) to eliminate the peanut butter cookie. it's a step in the right direction. all i had to do was ask the nurse to speak to the cafeteria manager. you could give it a try. joey

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