Reactions and how long the effects usually last for you


I am curious how long your children have problems after an attack, especially those with asthma. My son has severe asthma and PA/TN/soy. I really have trouble telling whether his problems are from PA or asthma. Over NOV. & Dec. it was really hard. We had weeks of reactions. He has only had hives twice and not really bad. His reactions are respiratory and come on out of the blue. He gets stomach cramps sometimes, runny nose, and coughing a little. Then a few hours later, towards the evening he can't breathe and cannot stop coughing. He was xrayed to see if it was croup because it shows some type of inflamation but there was nothing. His nebulizor treatments, which he takes four times a day with a steriod, would not even touch it. No one, and I mean no one, ever suspected or told me it could have been a PA reaction. I only started putting the pieces together since I started reading this post. We just had another episode two nights ago, which was mild. That day they had a party at school that no one told me about. [img][/img] When he has his bad reactions, he is out sometimes for a week. One time he was out for two weeks because we could not get it under control. The allergies cause flair ups with his asthma. The coughing and the asthma gets really bad and the coughing, I have been told, is disruptive in school if he attends. So I usually keep him home. Does anyone else have these silent reactions as like my son without the visable reactions and how long do you have complications? And one more thing, what does DS, DH, DC, and DD stand for in this post? lol

------------------ Renee

On May 27, 2004

Renee, first, dh is dear husband, ds is dear son, dd is dear daughter, etc.

I started a thread on the main disc. board about how long your body is in overdrive after a reaction, and the consensus was it can be up to 3 months. I will raise it for you, its called How long does your glass stay full?