Can vomiting be a reaction if it's a day later, i.e., morning, or have most reactions occurred within 10 min to 2 hours? If ONLY vomiting OR only hives, not considered ana correct? Has to be two or more?

Is it true that with each exposure, the reactions become worse and if so, does each exposure have to cause some type of reaction to be considered an "exposure." I ask because my DD has been around tons of peanuts in restaurants that have piles of shells on the floor, tables, seats, etc., peanut products, peanut butter, etc. without any reaction (all before we knew she was PA). Could those exposures put her in the chance of a severe reaction category if nothing happened? Wondering if airborne reactions, touch reactions, etc., are predetermined by the severity level or repeated exposure.

Is it true that children with asthma are more likely to be ana then children without?

All of you are so wonderful and I have learned so much already. Thank you!

------------------ Kym Mom of 2 1/2 year old daughter with peanut and egg allergies

On Jul 15, 2005

I dont think I can answer all of your questions, but will try!!LOL

Its not true the every reaction after another will become quicker or severe . Its far more common( esp in children ), for each reaction to be based on other factors that influence the rate and speed of an allergic reaction. However with allergy , there is always an exception to the rules.

This is why the advice and support of an immunologist is vital.

Situations that influence a reaction:-

uncontrolled asthma, other environmental allergies, such as a combination of dustmite, dog , cat, hay fever , tree pollen.


The amount of allergen ingested.

periods ( esp in teenagers)


stress ( such as exam time for teenagers)

any other viral illness, such as flu

As regard asthma, it is true that if you have food allergy without the asthma , you are less likely to have a severe reaction.

However that too is based on history and the severity of reactions in the past.

My son is one of these odd ball children! So far the docs have not said that he is not asthmatic , his lung function tests are OK. however they all agree that his reactions to dog, are asthma like in severity and are life threatening. He has been prescribed inhalers to use if he comes in to contact with a dog only! His other reactions are moderate/severe with out any asthma, and are life considered life threatening.

I hope this has helped. sarah