reaction. worse every time?

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my son is 12, he has, on his own, avoided peanuts all his life. always said 'he didn't like them'. we have absolutely zero food allergies in our family and so we didn't think much about this.

at his 11 yr old check up though we mentioned it to his doctor and he did a pin prick test. a week before, he had accidentally bit into a mini chocolate bar and mentioned his mouth felt weird. the pin prick test was positive.

we certainly have always had tons of stuff in the house that says "may have come in contact with nuts" and our son has eaten from bakeries and bulk barns without ever having a reaction all these years.

but this past weekend his grandmother gave him a cookie from a bakery. it was chocolate chip and did not have nuts listed in the ingredients. his reaction was vomiting, diarrhea, wheezing. since this was our first reaction ever - i didn't recognize what it was and gave him his inhalers (he has asthma). the symptoms subsided and he was fine within 30 min . it was only afterwards that i put two and two together and realized that this was a peanut reaction.

someone has told me that every reaction is worse than the one before. i'm trying to find out if this is a common belief.

i'm feeling quite depressed about the whole situation. but i want to be prepared. i tend to be an over-worrier as is. i feel the chances of my poor son making it to adulthood have just greatly diminished. and i'll tell you that if you take him - you'd better take me too.

By Minnie on Jul 10, 2012

There is no way of knowing how severe future reaction will be.

Hence alwys having epi pen and inalers with him.

I would say avoiding all nuts and may contain/traces is very dauting at first, especially diffiult for an older child who was able to eat all these things before, but it does become a way of life. We always avoid places such as bakerys etc.

By bluegray8 on Jul 11, 2012

So sorry that you have entered the world of peanut and tree nut allergies. There is a relatively new component test which isolates the proteins in the peanut and is able to tell if your son has the antibodies that are associated with severe allergic reaction. Do you have EpiPens? If not call your doctor and get some immediately as based on your information your son has already experienced an anaphylactic reaction!